Hey, all! This is my brand new page! For those of you who don't know me, here's a little background info:

General Info

I enjoy playing Guild Wars occasionally.

My Hobbies Include

  • GW (duh)
  • Guitar
  • Helping Beginners

My Characters

  • Harq Shadowbane (Necro) 20
  • Flesh of the Flesh (Sin) 20
  • Man of the East (Ranger) 20
  • Banished Faith (Paragon) 20
  • Arcane Scarecrow (Derv) 20
  • Ignis Shadowbane (Ele) 20
  • Zaishen Fighter (Warrior) 20
  • Captain Expendable (Rit) 14
  • You Can access my user box page here Here


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