Physway VS Manlyspike

Tank and Spank/Manly spike

For those who just got the game and do not know what "TanknSpank" is: It consists of one "tank"(roar) Who absorbs damage, and ball every foe in the area into a tight little "ball". Then, and this is the really smart part; six identical players with nuking skills come in and rape the mob, blasting it all to pieces in a few casts. They still have a monk, which already begs the question why the tank is necessary. If they still need heals, why not take another caster and prot him up to ball? Anyway... Enough of this banter. After people realised casters did fuck all damage in Hard Mode(though some people still dispute this claim.) They turned to the physicals and the handy MoP nuker necromancer build for h4lp. It then became tank + MoP nuker + Physicals who would then *jump in* and T-space on MoP targets. Nothing left to say because the builds never change for any area. Aggro, ball, Hex, Shit on mob. Rinse and repeat 133333333333333333333333337 times for a prize.


  • Strong spells avoided with antispell enchants.
  • High armour and defensive spells/skills together with blocks and anti-knockdown skills make the tank invincible.
  • Lots of foes killed in one go.
  • balled foes optimize Mark of Pain's effect.


  • Can take a while to ball everything perfectly.
  • Boring after a while. Waiting for things to get balled is always a constant niggle.
  • Damage is small, but that's fine because there are 6 of you.
  • Not enough foes mean no point in balling, which means all your AoE attacks are pointless.
  • People not being prepared if the tank either dies or breaks aggro with some foes that somehow didn't die.


A more or less balanced team using Overpowered skills. Kicking monks from the party, it starts with two Ether Renewal bond/infusers who's primary job it is to heal and protect the party. Maintaining Protective Bond on everyone in the party + Summons + Pets, nothing will take more than approx. 25~damage per packet. Only Lifesteal and Minions of Dhuum bypass this amazing skill. Due to maintaining so many prots, the eles need things to die fast, and there be not-so-many things dealing damage to the team. This is where the WotA asassins come in. They have probably the highest DPS build in GW, and anyone willing to oppose me is willing to do so. They have AoE damage as well as mega single-target DPS. To get rid of the problem of damage packets, a generic Rt/ Spirit spamming SoS build was added. Note that when spirits are below 50% health, it affects By Ural's Duration.


  • Damage is so high for single and AoE damage, you are prepared for any situation. Taking out a small mob, just a few foes or a massive army.
  • Stupid people can run the physical bulds. lol
  • Allies cannot be spiked while under Prot Bond.
  • Great Dwarf Weapon can be maintained on everyone for higher damage output and defensive mechanism via constant knockdowns.
  • No waiting involved. No waiting to ball, no waiting for the eles to recharge skills or energy to regen. Everything is spammable.


  • lolwut?
  • Heavy Enchant strips/hate.
  • Interrupt both ERs and you have no bonds.
  • No splinter.
  • Fagmins don't like it.
  • It's really really slow.
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