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Ru(i)n Darkrime with a ranger, does req some pcons/cons tho.
I'm off to [[|the new pvx]]
== Attributes and Skills ==
[build prof=R/A exp=12+3+1 sha=12][Shroud of Distress][Shadow Form][Dwarven Stability][Dark Escape][Unseen Fury][Throw Dirt][Whirling Defense][Death's Charge][/build]
[[File:Real Darkrime 1.png|thumb|Right|Level 1]]
[[File:Real Darkrime 2.png|thumb|Right|Level 2]]
[[File:Real Darkrime 3.png|thumb|Right|Level 3]]
== Equipment ==
* Full Radiants/Attunements
* +20 Energy staff of Enchanting
* Zealous Scythe of Enchanting
== Usage ==
*Follow the path on maps.
*Mantain SF, SoD and dwarfstab (with alcohol)
===Level 1===
*Avoid Incubus by following the map.
*Blow up the ice door with a keg(recast SF before picking up the keg).
*Lure the first Havok-kin to a Dwarven Powder Keg Station and blow him up. Pick up the key.
*At the southwestern corner of the map is a Lever. Use it. This lowers the bridge.
*Run across and wait for the 4 spouts surrounding the key to turn off. Grab it.
*Run to level 2.
*Sometimes the north bridge (as show on the map) wont go down and you will have to go to the one next to it.
===Level 2===
*Avoid incubus by following the map.
*At the southern corner of the map is the boss Grelk Iceslash. Whirl him to death. Pick up the key
*Run to Level 3.
===Level 3===
*If you are running people, have them run with you and die by the next rez shrine(if they make it).
*Die and collect cash.
*Run into Havok's room and aggro all bloodcurlers. Run to a corner breaking with as many things as possible but dont loose aggro of the bloodcurlers.
*Die. If done correctly, all bloodcurlers should be far away from the others.
*Pop Pcons and kill Havok.
*Being bad around vaettirs.
*Accidentally agroing an Incubus.

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I'm off to [new pvx]

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