Sorry, but this page is a bit sparse - I have far too many pages to maintain on other sites.

In particular, see my main page over at the [official wiki]

I've never submitted a build from scratch, but I have created variants like the 330 Elementalist variant for the Ruins of Morah, refined the now defunct Kurzick HFF team and a couple of other elementalist farming builds, and found a build on trial builds that was close enough to one I was going to submit to say mine was a variant (eventually vetted Great). A couple of builds I was using in AB before they became meta also come to mind like Build:E/any_SH_Elementalist - not sure if I was using it before Rapta, but it was basically an evolution of what I was already running there and I started running it right after capping the skill. That actually didn't last long because shortly afterward I capped the pre-nerf Sandstorm before going back post nerf (Sandstorm is terrible now, IMO).

Generally I'm best at playing an Elementalist in PvE and Monk in PvP, which is why most of my posts are in those sections.

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