TO Green thumbs upWin Tock Rules!'s LATEST CONTEST!!!!

WTH is this?

Well, in this contest you come up wiht your own races for GW2. When it's over and a winner has been decided i will send these entries to Arenanet to see what they say.


Me bitches.

Winning Prize

  • All the cookies ic na find
  • I will make the next 20 userboxes you want
  • Your own winning userbox.
  • When i sen dthse to Arenanet, i will nominate yours as the one they should focus on most.
  • Oh yeah, and you can steal anything yoyyu want from me, userpage design, userboxes, fried chicken, Companun Kjoob, w/e.

Who can play?

EVERYONE!!! Even Me.


GW2 Official races

Where do i post my entries?


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