Warning: The following pages contain spoilers relating to the life of the great Fire Tock.

Randomtime Points This user has -1337 RT points for being the best spammer ever! Unfortunately.
Green thumbs up This users name is Fire Tock!!!!!
Elementalist-icon This user is an Elementalist by nature.

Invoke Lightning This user created the GW Glossary of Terms :).
Nightmare Weapon This user will give you nightmares.
No Rez Icon This user doesn't carry any resurrection skills in PvE and likes to hurt your eyes.
+50% This user knows that linking to Entropy automatically makes you 50% cooler.
User:Y0 ich halt/Templates/User Yoquote
Red thumbs down When you see a thumbs down on PvX wiki, you know Fire Tock created the build.

This user is primarily a PvE player.

Shield Bash This user LOVES Guild Wars but is on the wikis more often.
Ritualist-icon This user is a Ritualist by nature.
North America 70x40 This user plays for the territory of North America.
Clumsiness This user is a major spaz and very clumsy.
Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Martyr This user plays all 4 campaigns and has beaten all 4.
Frenzy This user can do 1,999,863,596,544 pull ups in a row.
Guilt This user stole some ideas of user boxes from just about everyone.
Balanced Stance This user is in the Elite Knights [SWAT] guild.
Heal Party This user is in the The Seven Deadly [Sins] alliance.
Spotless Mind This user has no brain.
Spotless Soul This user has no soul.
Greater Conflagration This user loves getting PvE titles. Especially skill hunter.
Deadly Paradox This user believes that Deadly Paradox is a reference to what happens when you go back in time and kill your grandfather.
Homer Simpson This user is addicted to The Simpsons and knows every line ever written by heart.
Peter Griffin This user is addicted to Family Guy and knows every line ever written by heart.
Marimba This user's favorite instrument is the Marimba!

45px This user is addicted to Futurama and knows every line ever written by heart.
Stan Smith This user is addicted to American Dad and knows every line ever written by heart.
Eric Cartman This user is addicted to South Park and knows every line ever written by heart.
Moo This user is a member of the Moo Room..
FactionsOutpostIcon This user is not Asian.
' This user can make black userboxes
' info
Warwick this user once found the UserWarwick in Guild Wars.
... This user ... loves putting ... in everything he says.
Rebirth This user's brother used to think Rebirth was pronounced Rebrith.
Name This user's name is the same name his most commonly used charracter is in Guild Wars
Userboxes For a while this user's userboxes all ways looked like...userbox|red|white
Userboxes This user can amke userboxes inside themeselves
Userboxes this user can also switch colors in userboxes.
Ttibot-playmulti This user uses Cheat codes.
Fire AttunementFlare This user once mistaked Fire Attunement for Flare.
Signet of Midnight This user was born on an eclipse. Litteraly, BELIEVE IT! I HAVE ANGER ISSUES! (maybe)!
o_O This user is younger than Xilarth The Wise who is younger than Marcopolo which is the same age as Warwick, believe it
editing Instead of pressing edit, finding something he likes and copying it, this user just presses edit, find something he likes, right click, passes copy,clicks cut to piss ppl off.
Elementalist-icon-small This user loves being an Elementalist.
</td> <td>
Elementalist-icon This user loves being an Elementalist again!.
</td> <td>
Elementalist-icon DANGER!! This user is obsessed with the Elementalist.
Wizardboy This user litteraly CAN NOT understand a word or sentence Wizardboy says.
Irresistible Blow This Userbox looks cool.
builds when this user makes 50 builds...hes gonna make more and isnt in the mood for capitals, grammer, and
Cool Bow This user is Cool Bow's brother.

User:Randomtime/templates/frontend/Userboxes User:Warwick/Spam Userbox

Assassin-icon This user is an Assassin by nature.
Dervish-icon This user is a Dervish by nature.
Monk-icon This user is a Monk by nature.
Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.
Europe 70x40 This user plays for the territory of Europe.
1 This user plays Campaign One, Guild Wars Prophecies.
2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.
3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.
Template:User Campaign EotN

This user is primarily a PvE player.

User:Ereanor/Entrooper userbox
LOL - Y This user is part of the Guild Wiki
Humor Police
45px Entrooper
This user is one of Entropy's devoted followers. GuildWiki 4EVER!
100px Spamtrooper
This user is one of Marco's devoted followers of the way to spam. Spamming RC pwnz 4EVER!
Userbox-Y This user likes making custom userboxes.
MiEd-N This user keeps forgetting to hit the Minor Edit button.
EC-Y This user gets into a lot of Edit Conflicts.
File:Dwarven Ale.jpg This user is not a drunkard.
Login-N This user often makes edits without logging in.
24/7 This user lives on GuildWiki.
GW:PNB This user is unhappy with the state of the Wiki's Builds section.
ANet-N This user does not favor ANet and believes they are out of touch with the common player.
No Rez Icon This user doesn't carry any resurrection skills in PvE.
Clear-Y This user uses the Clear template early and often.
A.M.-Y This user is often on the Wiki past midnight.
A a B b This user is not case sensitive, unlike the GWiki search function.
Simple Thievery This user steals everything from everyone. Beware!!11!1

Template:User Age

OutpostIcon This user has a character that has achieved the title Tyrian Grandmaster by exploring 100.0% of the map.
FactionsOutpostIcon This user has a character that has achieved the title Canthan Grandmaster by exploring 100.0% of the map.
NightfallOutpostIcon This user has a character that has achieved the title Elonian Grandmaster by exploring 100.0% of the map.
Prophecies Mission Icon This user has a character that has achieved the title Protector of Tyria completing all 25 missions and bonuses in the Prophecies campaign.
35px-Cantha Mission Icon This user has a character that has achieved the title Protector of Cantha gaining all 13 Master's Rewards in the Factions campaign.
Nightfall Coop Mission Icon This user has a character that has achieved the title Protector of Elona gaining all 20 Master's Rewards in the Nightfall campaign.
Heart of the Norn This user has a character that has achieved the title Slayer of Wurms with 29596 Norn reputation points.
Asuran Scan This user has a character that has achieved the title Not Too Boring with 25322 Asura reputation points.
Rebel Yell This user has a character that has achieved the title Stealth Agent with 10995 Vanguard reputation points.
Stout-Hearted This user has a character that has achieved the title Risky Delver with 17768 Dwarven reputation points.
Deep Freeze This user has a character that has achieved the title Pioneer of the North with 262 Eye of the North mastery points.
Sun This user has a character that has achieved the title Legendary Spearmarshal with 501263 Sunspear Promotion Points.
Lightbulb This user has a character that has achieved the title Vanquishing Lightbringer with 19217 Lightbringer Points.
Crossed Canes This user has a character that has achieved the title Sweet Tooth and has 1234 points.</font>
Faction (Kurzick) This user has achieved the title Ally of the Kurzicks of the Kurzicks with 500000 Faction exchanged.
Superior Identification Kit This user has a character that has achieved the title Seeker of Wisdom by identifying 123 rare items.
Elemental Lord (Luxon) This user is a Transcended One.
:'( This is sad because he feels unappreciated.
Feigned Neutrality But... but.... but... I'm not paranoid, they really ARE out to get me!
Me This user is always right, deal with it.

Panic This user is stressed out *sigh*
Psychic Instability This user is obviously in Denial
Too Slow! This user edits so fast that he gets into edit conflicts with himself

Healing Touch This user is NOT are spelling mistake corrector.
You're/Ur This user actually believes in a thing called grammar.
Ghostmirror Light This user makes edits so fast it seems like there's two of him.

Official Wiki This user refuses to recognize the official Anet Wiki
RC-Y This user is a Recent Changes vulture
;) This user knows all and sees all.

RuneScape This user thinks that Runescape is for nerds.
WoW This user can't stand people who play World of Warcraft.
Firefox This user thinks that Firefox pwns Internet Explorer.

Me>You This user is better than you.
Divine Spirit This user suffers from Delusions of Grandeur.
Word of Censure This user abuses his power... much.

24/7 This user lives on GuildWiki.
RL This user has no life.
GW:AD This user aspires to being a Guild Wiki Admin.

GW≠GW This user is more interested in GuildWiki than Guild Wars
PvP Skillz Compared to this user, everyone else is just a "flaming noob" ;)

Builds When this user sees new builds, all he can think is: "Vey iz mir."
Channeling This user has attained the exalted status of buildguru
Skillz This user has unlocked every skill and mod in the game
Fertile Season This user prefers to play PvE-style.
Wary Stance This user also enjoys playing PvP-style.
Arcing Shot This user plays a Ranger with a Longbow.
Critical Agility This user often attempts to run away when the fighting gets to close.
Steady Stance This user really enjoys sightseeing. You take picture, yes?.
Great Dwarf Armor This user does absolutely *not* like Stone Summit Dwarves.
50px This user thinks he is an excellent surfer, although he's never done it.
Pain Inverter This user has attempted to dispose of Vekk.
Death Nova This user dislikes suicide bombers
Immolate This user often spots traps too late.
Angelic Bond This user can fly.
Avatar of Melandru This user is a devout follower of Melandru.
Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support This user's longbow has the same range as Wurm Siege.
&quot;I Meant to Do That!&quot; This user waves a lot.
Favorable Winds This user is a tree hugger.
Spotless Mind This user thinks too much before acting.
Symbol of Wrath This user was standing in the middle when some idiot fired an orbital strike on him.
Energy Blast This user is still standing in the middle, poor guy.
Intensity This user has been known to swear at henchman.
Winds This user's arrows are heat seeking and never hit the same target.
50px This user has found the One Ring, and is now traveling to Mordor in order to dispose of it.
Summon Mursaat This user thinks Mursaat are cool.
50px This user has a fancy castle.
50px This user's fancy castle is guarded by fancy towers.
50px This user also has a fancy boat to sail past his fancy towers guarding his fancy castle.
Windborne Speed This user does runs to make money.
50px This user has anger issues.
Shame This user made a PVE Assassin.
Unholy Feast This user is always hungry.
Essence Strike This user is terrified of electricity.
Binding Chains This user has a slight fetish for bondage.
Angelic Bond This user knows that Angelic Bond has the best skill icon.
Guided Weapon This user has been threatened with a knife multiple times.
Golden Fox Strike This user is related to moses.
50px This user thinks The Desolation is beautiful.
50px This user knows that Hyenas are the coolest pet in Nightfall.
RC-Y This user enjoys looking at new edits via Recent Changes.
Blood is Power This user is not emo.
Sever Artery This user is negi-emo, they cut other people.
Creative This user believes ANet has a little problem with creativity

Charging Strike Brace for impact! Ward Against Harm
File:Marcopolo47 signature new.jpg This user lives on Marcopolo47's talk page.
Ghostmirror Light This user was not involved in the great user talk page and edit conflict battle of 10/16/07, but likes the userbox— Talk.Talk.Talk.Talk.Talk.Talk

PvE nub This user is a PvE nub, but can H/H most places, still. If something goes wrong, stand up, try again, die again and change teh buildz!
EreanorBondError 007 From Anet with love.

Burning Speed This user cannot believe that self-immolation is an acceptable method for speed increase.
Stoning This user feels that throwing rocks is an inefficient form of combat.
Poisonous Bite This user thinks that giving your pet rabies to inflict extra damage will incur the wrath of PETA.
Lively Was Naomei This user feels that throwing incinerated dead people around is not a proper way to do magic.
Diversion This user has ADD. Ooo, shiny!
Dodge This user is faster than
Template:User Campaign GWII unknown
Searing Flames This user hates overused builds.
Words of Comfort Gesundheit.
Watchful Healing Vandals haven't got a snowball's chance in hell against this user's revert skills.
&quot;Victory is Mine!&quot; This user has received the Medal of Revert from Big B for his efforts on November the 16th
Spirit of Failure Warning! This user is a Wikinoob and thus makes far too many minor edits due to abuse of the Trial and error method when Wikicoding.
Prepared Shot + Strike as One = Crossfire
Awatta? This user doesn't know how merging the icons of 2 elites, makes an icon for a non-elite.

File:SPAMMISH.GIF This user likes Monty Python.
File:For Elona.jpg "This... Is... A REFERENCE!" An obvious shout-out to something else

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.
es-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of Spanish.

Savage Shot This user can't dodge arrows.
PC This user likes PCs better than Macs.

Simple Thievery This user steals userboxes by accident because they have sticky hands and a really bad memory.
Onslaught This user gets angry very quickly and very easilly.
BAD USER BAD! This user forgets to set there edits as minor.
North America 70x40 This user plays for the territory of North America.
PvPilliterate This user sucks at PvP but takes great pleasure in suiciding themselves into opponents.
Watchful Healing This user has out of body experiences more often then sane people do.
Swap This user is a clone, OF THEMSELF! DUN DUN DUN! :O
Immolate This user is very, VERY flammable. ><
Glimmer of Light This user likes watching sunrises and spamming low cost spells.
Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Box.jpg This user doesn't think inside or outside the box, this user thinks they ARE the box.
Speeling FTL Tihs uesr cnnaot splel.
Hammer And Sickle In Soviet Russia, noob pwns YOU!
File:Hates Luxons.jpg This user hates the Luxons and thinks they should all go back to the chinese gold farm from which they came!
Fire Storm
A Deadly Combination
Strike with a Hamstring attack to cripple your fleeing opponent, then rain fire down upon him as he slowly limps away.
Feast of Corruption This user just captured Feast of Corruption and boy are there arms tired! Seriously folks it was harder getting there then anything else. Especially the last group of Giants. 11 chained knockdowns FTL. That reminds me, ftl is a funny phrase. For the lose. you really wouldn't here it in regular human speech. Oh crap! This userbox has been turned into a rant box!
<---- That userbox is loooooong.
gender-? This user once revealed there gender. Good luck finding it out.
Bork-S This user is able to contribute with a Swedish level of Bork. Bork Bork Bork!
Creative This user believes ANet has a little problem with creativity
Mesmer-icon This user is a minority.
Debilitating Shot This user likes stabbing people in the heart... With arrows.
72px This user's Minor Edit button is stapled to the ground.
File:All Prof Icon.jpg This user plans to make a userbox out of every skill in the game. Giving them the title of MOST USERBOXES EVER! (More then that guy who has 301, :P I forgot his name right now.)
249 Userboxes made, 55 to go.
>< This user just realized that there are 1135 skills in the game and has ALOT of work to do
Y Skills used in Userboxes, and X skills to go >.< Where X is how many I have left and Y is how many I have done.
&quot;You&#039;re All Alone!&quot; This user supports both the Kurzicks, and the Luxons, but still thinks that the Luxons should go back to their chinese gold farm!
Weapon of Fury This user is a scary Jedi! Oooh!
&quot;I Meant to Do That!&quot; This user's warrior spammed the /wave emote on April Fool's day.
Agonizing Chop This user likes beating on things with there Daul Winged Axe
Axe Rake This user's leg is bleeding D:
Cleave This user thinks that if it ain't broke, HIT IT HARDER!
Critical Chop This user throws an axe at you!
Cyclone Axe This user throws another axe at you!
Decapitate This user has horns.
Dismember This user learned to not run with scissors, the HARD way.
Eviscerate This user thinks that people who raise there hands to ask questions should be EXTERMINATED!
Executioner&#039;s Strike This user thinks that executioner is a hard word to spell.
Devastating Hammer
Lacerating Chop
This user thinks that Haxord warriors PWN!
Furious Axe This user likes alternative adrenaline gain.
Penetrating Blow AGH MY SHOULDER!
Penetrating Chop This user's axe just got hit by lightning.
Swift Chop This user is a cheeto.
Triple Chop This user moves there axe so fast, it looks like theres 3!
Whirling Axe This user throws ANOTHER axe at you!
Auspicious Blow This user's hammer is glowy...
Backbreaker This user's spine is broken. D:
Belly Smash This user likes pumpkins.
Counter Blow This user thinks that Counter Blow should have +damage and cost 5 adrenaline.
Crushing Blow This user has a pointy thing on a stick. AND JUST HIT YOU FOR -100!
Earth Shaker DO...NOT...POKE!!!!
Enraged Smash This user loves interrupting Afflicted Warriors.
Fierce Blow This user's hammer is looking at them. ;-;
Forceful Blow This user thinks that a semi spammable powerful elite is just what the doctor ordered!
Hammer Bash THWACK!
Heavy Blow This user has great balance.
Irresistible Blow This user is cracking! OH NO!
Magehunter&#039;s Smash This user LOVES eles with attunments.
Mighty Blow This user does not like bugs.
Mokele Smash A weird bull thing has a crush on this user's warrior and follows him EVERYWHERE.
Overbearing Smash This user plays golf with there own rules.
Renewing Smash
Gladiator&#039;s Defense
This user can block all of your attacks! ALWAYS!
Staggering Blow This user thinks that Staggering Blow sucks.
Yeti Smash This user's fist is GINORMOUS!
&quot;I Will Avenge You!&quot; This user lets his allies die on purpose.
&quot;I Will Survive!&quot; This user shouts out lines of random songs when they get bored.
&quot;You Will Die!&quot; This user HATES getting up in the morning, don't wake them up!
Battle Rage *GESHUU*
Berserker Stance This user saw what you did with that dwarf last summer.
Bull&#039;s Charge This user is banned from all the china shops in town.
Bull&#039;s Strike This user can't think of anything funny to type about this skill.
Burst of Aggression This user moves so fast, they have a personal animator that draws in the blur wherever they go.
Counterattack This user thinks that counterattack looks like a dredge.
Defy Pain This user believes that having 1,300 health is good for you.
Dolyak Signet This user once used Dolyak Signet on the run to droks, and still made it!
Dwarven Battle Stance This user gets through crowds there own way.
Enraging Charge This user STILL likes alternative adrenaline gain.
Flail This user has fallen and cannot get up!
Griffon&#039;s Sweep
Leviathan&#039;s Sweep
This user thinks that duplicate skills are silly.
Flourish This user is not looking at you.
Headbutt This user plays soccer.
Lion&#039;s Comfort This user's warrior is being watched by a funny looking lion.
Magehunter Strike This user does not like wizards! >=O
Power Attack This user moves so fast they enter HYPERSPACE!
Primal Rage This user thinks that easy is good.
Protector&#039;s Strike This user thinks that sheilds are for people who are not protectors.
Rage of the Ntouka This user is NOT bald. :D
Rush This user does not wear clothes when running.
Shield Bash
Shield of Deflection
This user is confused by skill icons ><
Signet of Stamina This user farms the Deep.
Signet of Strength This user does not like Signet of Strength's effect and think it is stupid.
Sprint OFF WE GO!
Tiger Stance ROWR!
Warrior&#039;s Cunning This user's sword is shiny...
Warrior&#039;s Endurance This was the very first skill I every captured, good memories...
Barbarous Slice This user's sword has things sticking out of it.
Crippling Slash This user makes other people jump "rope" with them. They use a very sharp rope.
Dragon Slash This user likes +40 damage attacks.
Final Thrust This user thinks spikes are for Primeval armor!
Galrath Slash
Silverwing Slash
This user still does not like duplicate skills.
Jaizhenju Strike
Pure Strike
Hundred Blades This user killed Ruri multiple times because they kept forgetting to bring a cap sig.
Quivering Blade This user's warrior usually doesn't run spells.
Savage Slash Point blank interrupt anyone?
Seeking Blade This user wants your heart.
Sever Artery This user is negi-emo, they cut other people.
Standing Slash This user uses stances ALOT.
Steelfang Slash RAGH!!
Sun and Moon Slash This user is still sad that they killed evade :(.
&quot;Charge!&quot; This user's warrior is a runner.
&quot;Fear Me!&quot; This user does not like enemys to have energy.
&quot;None Shall Pass!&quot; This user thinks that knocking enemy wars down while going straight for them is funny.
&quot;Retreat!&quot; This user ABs, and likes dead people.
&quot;Shields Up!&quot; This user thinks that rangers should stop trying to Glass Arrows to spike them.
&quot;Watch Yourself!&quot;
&quot;Save Yourselves!&quot;
This user thinks that other people need +100 armor more then there warrior.
&quot;To the Limit!&quot; LOOK! ICE CREAM!
&quot;Victory is Mine!&quot; Oh YAH.
Auspicious Parry PTING!
Balanced Stance This user does not like being knocked down.
Bonetti&#039;s Defense This user has enough tactics to keep up Bonetti's Defense, always.
Deadly Riposte You just charge up 10 adrenaline for Backbreaker? Too bad.
Desperation Blow
Drunken Blow
This user thinks that Drunken blow is cooler looking then Desperate Blow.
Defensive Stance Still can't get me noobcake!
Deflect Arrows Rangers won't work either you frooblet!
Healing Signet
This user is so 1337 they can get a glad point on there own with only two skills.
Disciplined Stance Nice try, but no cigar.
Protector&#039;s Defense This user takes care of there party unless there running IWAY.
Riposte This user like to block your attack skills.
Shield Stance This user thinks that turtle tanks are the best kind.
Shove Outta the way!
Soldier&#039;s Defense This user thinks that person is yelling because they just stabbed themselves.
Soldier&#039;s Stance This user likes farming SF.
Soldier&#039;s Strike This user's warriors eyes look really creepy.
Steady Stance This user walks funny.
Thrill of Victory This user likes spamming this skill with 800 health.
Wary Stance This user does not like assassins.
&quot;Coward!&quot; This user thinks that the best use of this is on a sin after spiking to screw up people following you while you run back to the monk.
&quot;For Great Justice!&quot; ROAR!
&quot;On Your Knees!&quot; This user likes there stances so much they must recharge them always... ALWAYS.
&quot;You&#039;re All Alone!&quot; This user likes ganking.
Illusionary Weaponry
This user plays IW.
Distracting Blow This user does not like you trying to use Resurrection Signet.
Frenzied Defense This user does not like to be hit by a Lightning Orb when monking and stopping a assassin from killing them ><.
Whirlwind Attack
This user likes spinning in a circle... /dizzy
Skull Crack This user agrees with you completely
Warrior-icon This user has made a userbox out of every warrior skill! =D
Bestial Fury
Tiger&#039;s Fury
This user doesn't like using skills.
Bestial Mauling This user likes daze.
Bestial Pounce This users pet is albino.
Brutal Strike This user thinks that when you go below 50% health, you should die.
Call of Haste This user likes racing there pet, and letting it win.
Call of Protection This user takes better care of there pets then there party members.
Charm Animal This user's pet is giving you the evil eye.
Comfort Animal This user thinks that pets are only affordable on rangers and eles because of spamming.
Disrupting Lunge Though shalt not cast spells.
Edge of Extinction This user farms weenies.
Energizing Wind This user's hand looks funny.
Enraged Lunge Freakin' pwnt.
Fertile Season
This user's ranger helps bonders
Ferocious Strike This user likes energy management on pets.
Heal as One This user likes to keep there pet alive.
Heket&#039;s Rampage This user doesn't understand why the skill named after a toad has a cheetah on it.
Lacerate This user thinks that there comp is breaking.
Entropy Sig This user lives on Entropy's talk page.
Keen Chop This user plays Axe Assasins.
Pulverizing Smash This user can't think of a good combo for this skill :/.
Body Blow This user doesn't understand why you would use this skill when Dismember, Crushing Blow, and Gash cost less or the same.
Disarm This user fences.
Knee Cutter This user likes spamming Crippling Slash.
Soldier&#039;s Speed This user likes alternative running builds.
Distracting Strike This user doesn't like conditional interrupts.
Symbolic Strike This user likes +70 damage skills.
Companionship This user has staring contests with their pet.
Feral Aggression This user's pet does not like you.
Melandru&#039;s Assault
Melandru&#039;s Shot
Melandru&#039;s Arrows
Melandru obviously doesn't like enchants :/.
Maiming Strike This user's pet has LASER CLAWS!
Otyugh&#039;s Cry This user's main damage come from there pet with the proper build.
Poisonous Bite This user likes poison.
Pounce This skill should only be used with Bulls.
Angelic Bond This user has a character that has achieved the title OBSCENELY AWESOME! With over 110,000 Awesome Reputation points.
Predatory Bond This user and their pet have creepy eyes. <.<;
Predatory Season This user's pet can stretch there mouth WIDE :O
Primal Echoes This user likes pissing off warriors.
Rampage as One More like Take Giant Strides as One...
Revive Animal This user takes care of other user's pets.
Run as One This user sometimes uses there pet as a distraction when running.
Savage Pounce RAGGGHHHhH!!!!!!!!!1!!ONE@!
Scavenger Strike This user thinks that this skill should add deep wound because of the picture.
Symbiotic Bond This user experiments in Genetic Engineering.
Toxicity This user still likes poison.
Viper&#039;s Nest Awww, cute snakies :3.
Archer&#039;s Signet No matter how hard this user tries they just can't make a good skill bar based around this skill.
Distracting Shot If the shot distracts and does not in fact hit, why does it cause damage?
Expert Focus
Rapid Fire
Escape This user has been griefed at many times in HA for running both gimmick builds and builds just designed to piss people off.
Expert&#039;s Dexterity The coolest looking ranger skill gets the worst effect /sigh.
Glass Arrows This user likes stabbing people in the heart... With glass arrows.
Infuriating Heat This user runs an adrenaline based spike build.
Lightning Reflexes KAZHAM!
Practiced Stance
Choking Gas
This user likes interruptions.
Trapper&#039;s Focus
Trapper&#039;s Speed
This user likes point blank trapping.
Marksman&#039;s Wager This user likes Shortbows.
Oath Shot Only skill with req. 7?!? :O BLASPHEMY!
Whirling Defense This user laughs at ranged mobs.
Zojun&#039;s Haste
Zojun&#039;s Shot
Who is this Zojun and why did he duplicate skills?
Throw Dirt Best elite skill ever. (Inside Joke)
Point Blank Shot Yeah, you're pretty much dead. Courtesy of Thoughtful
Arcing Shot This user runs Longbow Spikes.
Barrage AGH IT'S RAINING ARROWS!!! Oh wait, those are allied arrows silly me, thinking that my own teammate could hurt me while shooting at the enemies surrounding me completely.~
Broad Head Arrow THUNK! I has 1337 head shot skills.
Burning Arrow We don't need no water.
Concussion Shot SHUT UP ALREADY!
Crippling Shot Cripstorm. BEST BUILD EVER.
Crossfire Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
Determined Shot Both eyes open.
HELP! This user has been turned into a trivia and obscure reference monster! Please shoot them before they strike again!
Disrupting Accuracy Who needs damage when I can interrupt ANYONE! =D
Disrupting Shot The arrow is crooked... z.z
Favorable Winds Two glass arrows archers spiked each other, who won?
Focused Shot Right between the eyes... CRAP!
Forked Arrow This user enjoys wearing cloaks and looking cool.
Hunter&#039;s Shot AGGH! I'M NOT A RABBIT YOU IDIOT!
Keen Arrow Watercolored shot ftw?
Marauder&#039;s Shot This user does not like to use non attack skills!
Needling Shot This user enjoys machine guns.
Penetrating Attack The person getting shot has no neck... d.d
Pin Down Why does this and Hamstring both have the weapon superimposed over something you use to walk?
Power Shot +40 damage would make this skill usable.
Precision Shot CATCH!
Prepared Shot I wish I could run three elites :(.
Anthem of Disruption BOOM! Headshot.
Anthem of Envy This user's spear is dangerously long.
Anthem of Guidance This user's spear has three prongs.
Anthem of Weariness This user hate people who duck.
Bladeturn Refrain This user's armor is impenetrable.
&quot;Brace Yourself!&quot; This user's hands are really big.
&quot;Find Their Weakness!&quot; The three pronged spear above hurt this user.
&quot;Can&#039;t Touch This!&quot; I told you, homeboy.
&quot;Fall Back!&quot; I have a yellow shadow and funny things on my shoulders, hah.
&quot;Go for the Eyes!&quot; "Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the eyes!".
Godspeed This user doesn't understand Relic Running.
&quot;Help Me!&quot; This user is selfish.
&quot;Incoming!&quot; This skill needz moar nerf plz.
Song of Concentration This user's spear has been known to blind.
&quot;Make Haste!&quot; This user still doesn't understand Relic Running. Is our altar this way?
&quot;Stand Your Ground!&quot; This user likes to Can-Can.
&quot;Never Give Up!&quot; Galaxy Quest...
&quot;Never Surrender!&quot; ...Is awesome!
&quot;We Shall Return!&quot; This user can spin 3 Hula Hoops at once!
File:SPAMMISH.GIF This user likes Monty Python.
File:For Elona.jpg "This... Is... A REFERENCE!" An obvious shout-out to something else
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Angelic Bond This userbox is a tribute to all angels who protect this Wiki of vandalism
Sever Artery This user thinks the 'Wiki is bleeding out...
This user is playing

Mafia.</center> <center>Why aren't you?</B></center>

Nub This user is a co-nub :D
Spelling This youzer thinks inglesh spelling shood be ficksed.
Woot This user is #71 on The most linked pages.
50px This user herd u liek Mudkip.
75px The United States Department of Propaganda would like to remind you that anything positive you may have heard about the Russians or the Germans is a LIE.
75px Oh, and about Iraq.
75px Iran too.
75px Heck, the whole Middle-East.
75px Except Israel.
75px We like them.
75px And don't forget China.
75px Heck, just remember that the USA is the best country ever.
PhailMasterBox This user is a Phail Master
Parenthesis wheneverthisuserusesparenthaseshedoesnotincludespcesintohiswriting)
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