Stats about Frvwfr2/Template:Stats
This user {{{4}}} achieved the title Defender of Ascalon
This user has:

{{{1}}} percent of Tyria
{{{2}}} percent of Cantha
{{{3}}} percent of Elona
{{{5}}} Kurzick Faction
{{{6}}} Luxon Faction
{{{7}}} Sunspear Points
{{{8}}} Lightbringer Points
{{{14}}} Fame
{{{15}}} Gladiator Points

This user has {{{9}}} Commander Points
This user has gained a total of {{{10}}} Balthazar Faction
This user has reached level {{{11}}} of the Survivor Title.
This user has played Guild Wars {{{12}}} hours over {{{13}}} months.


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Has/Has not gotten Defender of Ascalon|Kurzick Faction|Luxon Faction|
Sunspear Points|LB Points|Commander Points|Total Balth Faction|Survivor level|Fame gained|Glad points}}
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