Who am I?

Hi. I'm the long time contributor 'Gem' from GuildWiki and the official Guild Wars wiki. Anyone active on those wikis will probably know me, so feel free to say hi on my talk page. :)

My work

Stuff that I've had very large influence in:

What I think of this wiki

First impression

Unwelcoming. Most of the problem users from GuildWiki reside here. Yeah, there are reasonable and nice users here, but the vocal users seem to be the problem ones.

I'm shocked that something like this is tolerated from a sysop. In any other internet community which I know of direct attacks like that would not have gone without a penalty or warning of some sort. The same discussion is full of more stuff like that. I'm really sorry for this wiki if the every day life of the users is filled with that kind of crap. I was hoping for something much better when coming here. I guess I'll just search and edit builds and stay completely out of the talk pages.

Second impression

Oh lol, admins delete votes that don't follow their views exactly and let votes with suiting numbers even if their explanations suck.

Third impression

There are some decent users here. I'm getting some positive vibes.

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