Personalized variant of the Mist Form Farmer. Documented for a friend. Farms the 16 insects just south of the exit to Yohlon Haven from Arkjok Ward in Hard Mode in 2 minutes counting rezoning and whatnot.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=eleme/mesme firema=12+1+3 waterm=11+1 energy=5 inspir=4][Arcane Echo][Mist Form][Channeling][Glyph of Elemental Power][Meteor Shower][Bed of Coals][Frozen Burst][Rodgort's Invocation][/build] </pvxbig>


  • 20% Enchanting weapon. A Totem Axe is good.
  • Any offhand. Half-cast fire weapons will speed things up a bit. Half-recharge of spells or water magic could mess up timing though.


  • Exit into Arkjok Ward from Yohlon Haven in Hard Mode.
  • Collect the Sunspear bounty from the Wandering Priest if you wish.
  • Precast Arcane Echo, and run to the mob of insects to the south.
  • Before or just as you aggro the first group of four, cast Mist Form.
  • Continue to aggro all four groups. Be careful near the Mandragor.
  • Cast the Echoed Mist Form when or just before the recharge meter is at the bottom left corner of the square.
  • Run back to the portal. Watch the ranged attackers (the Para and Monk), and stop running when they reach the corner of the large rock.
  • Run to the ranged attackers, pulling the Warrior bugs with you. Try to get them all within adjacent range of each other.
  • Pick a warrior bug in the middle of the group as your target.
  • When Arcane Echo is 3/4 recharged, cast Channeling and then the Glyph.
  • Recast Mist Form.
  • Let all hell loose. Cast Arcane Echo > Rodgort's > MS > BoC > Frozen Burst > Rodgort's > Echoed Rodgort's.
  • Pick up loot.
  • If any Paragon bugs live, try to smoke them with Rodgort's. Warrior bugs are harder to kill, as they have heals. The best option is to snare them and rezone.


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