Welcome to my user page!

  • Quickly something about myself. I used to do alot of UW Sc, but since June last year (2009) I switched to FoW Sc after joining Morituri Te Salutant [RiP], a German Sc guild. I used to be a member of some good Sc guilds of which Casuals Avatar ([DNC], [caRe]) was the leader. Also was a member of the more known guilds: [AoE], [THCS] and [GS]. I'm a member of Desolation Lords [DL] for about a year.
  • You can usually find me in ToA or Vlox's American dis as Gevalle Engel or Rosalynn Moonfaerie.

That said, here are some of the things I'd like to share with you:

User:Gevalle Engel/RiP's MyaWay FoW Sc Team (Outdated)

User:Gevalle Engel/N/P MoP FoW Sc build

User:Gevalle Engel/N/A Suicide Bomber Quarry

User:Gevalle Engel/Team Build SoO Sc SandWay => renamed to: Build:Team_-_SoO_Snoway META!!! w00t xD

User:Gevalle Engel/Team Build SoO Sc VaoWay

User:Gevalle Engel/Dervish PvP Builds

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