Profession Disciple


The Disciple channels the magic of the Old Gods. The Disciple bends the power given from his God to serve his purposes, but everything comes with a price... The powers of the Old Gods are far beyond the imagination of any mortal, to bend them can prove deadly not only to the person trying to bend them, but also to their surroundings.

A Disciple is always under pressure, to channel magic that overwhelms you're own is dangerous. The Whispers of the Gods is what sets them apart from the other mortals in the battlefield, the very Gods whispers into the ear of a Disciple.

General Information

The Disciple use powerful magic given by to him by the Gods to control the death and life of his allies and enemies. The Disciple praise all the Old Gods but let only one Whisper to them. The Whisper is what controls your source of power, be it Death from Grenth or Illusions from Lyssa, it will always be the true power of the God.


The Disciple dress in light armor such as that seen on Monks and Ritualist (60AL). The health, base energy and regeneration of energy varies depending on the Whispers. Disciples wear no weapons, they have their hands always in a stance of praying.


  • Whispers of the Gods: The main attribute of a Disciple. Makes Whispers louder. Provides the Disciple with energy whenever a spell of the Whispering God is cast.
  • Elements of the Mortals: The Elements become clear and revealed, resistance against these is increased. Spells related to the control Elementals become more powerful.
  • Spirits of the Other: The Spirits living amongst us can be seen, resistance and strength is developed against these. Spells related to of bending Spiritual powers become more powerful.
  • The End of Mortality: Death and Life becomes meaningless, resistance to conditions and interruptions is developed. Spells related to death and life of mortals can easier be channeled.


Whispers of the Gods

  • Whispers of Illusions: Your health is set at 500, your energy 95 and your energy regeneration 2. 0...5 Energy is regained whenever your illusions is successful.
  • Whispers of the Battles: Your health is set at 850, your energy 0 and your energy regeneration 0. Whenever you take or deal damage you gain 0...2 energy.
  • Whispers of the End: Your health is set at 450, your energy at 60 and your energy regeneration at 4. Your spells cause pain to your enemies upon a successful prevention of the inevitable End.
  • Whispers of Elements: Your health is set at 475, your energy at 80 and your energy regeneration at 3. All allied elemental attributes are raised by 2 and all enemy elemental attributes are lowered by 1.
  • The Whispers Remain: All allies within earshot casts spells double as fast.

Elements of the Mortals

  • The Fall of Mortality: Enemy foe is knocked to the ground and is blinded.
  • Fiery Burn: Enemy foe is starts burning, all foes surrounding him also burns.
  • Stain of Purity: If target foe is suffering from blind that foe starts burning.
  • Misery: Target foe suffers from one of the following conditions: Deep Wound (for 10 seconds), Weakness (for 10 seconds), Bleeding (for 15 seconds), or Crippled (for 10 seconds) for each hex suffered by target foe.
  • Depression: Target foe suffers from one of the following hexes: Defile Defenses, Faintheartedness, Ice Prison, Backfire, or Diversion for each condition suffered by target foe.

Spirits of the Other

  • Bend Your Neck: Foes not casting spells suffer from daze.
  • Release The Shackled: All spirits in range turn on their casters and deal double damage, they are released after 10 seconds.
  • The Others Will Rise: All nearby spirits steal additional health.
  • Dance with Shackles: Target foe move 66% slower.

The End of Mortality

  • Grasp Of Insanity: Target ally is purged of all conditions and attacks 15% faster, but takes 1% of the entire health whenever a attack fails to hit the target.
  • Approach It And Bow: All allies get 50% dodge chance.
  • Suppression Is For Gods: Target ally get 10 health regeneration but take double damage.
  • "Thou Shalt Be Pure!": For each condition suffered by all Allies within earshot one ally is healed for 10% health.

The Price One Must Pay

  • When you silently hear the faint Whispers of Illusions disabled spells and interrupted spells are cast upon you.
  • When you hear Whispers of Elements interruption causes daze and conditions spread to creatures around you.
  • The echoing of the Whispers of Battles you suffer from cripple and weakness whenever your weapon miss the flesh or bones of your enemies.
  • When the screams of from the other side reaches you as Whispers of the End you suffer from double casting time whenever your health goes below 50%.
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