About Me

A list of things about me, in list form. Idea stolen from Crossfire.

Teh List

  1. Name: Harry
  2. Gender: A little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll
  3. Age: 15
  4. Height: Currently about 6'1" (I'm fucking tall)
  5. Weight: Around 186 pounds
  6. Birthday: March 19th
  7. Country: United States
  8. State: New Jersey
  9. House Location: I'm not telling you, you fucking perve
  10. Social Security Number: Don't even ask.
  11. Favorite Color: Purple and Yellow combined, or Black and Gold combined
  12. Favorite Band/Artist: Gorillaz
  13. Least Favorite Band/Artist: Anything involving rap music
  14. Favorite Food: Perogies (or however the fuck you spell them)
  15. Least Favorite Food: Marzipan, or anything involving meat
  16. Favorite Edible Liquid: Soda
  17. Favorite Soda: Dr. Pepper
  18. Least Favorite Soda: Fresca
  19. Passions in Life: PvX, Nintendo games, audio and sound, music.
  20. Interesting Guild Wars facts people probably don't know: I've never played a single game of HA or GvG, I've never made 100k, I suck at Guild Wars
  21. Favorite Form of Government: Communism
  22. Favorite Type of Major Politics in America: Left-leaning Liberpublican
  23. Favorite TV Show: The Daily Show/Colbert Report
  24. Favorite Movie: Most anything involving James Bond or 300
  25. Favorite Song: Who fucking knows or cares?
  26. Interesting Fact Number 1: I'm a veggitarian, by choice and forced
  27. Strange Phobias: Fear of water, fear of choking
  28. Favorite "professional" Journalist: Keith Olberman
  29. Least Favorite "professional" Journalist: Bill O'Reilly
  30. Favorite Quote: "My bigingo's on fire!" --Elliot Reid
  31. Favortie Quote #2: "Fuck it! We'll do it live!" --Bill O'Reilly
  32. Wanted Professions in Life: Psychologist/Therapist, writer/journalist, radio jockey
  33. Interesting fact number 2: I'm a nigger and like friend chicken and watermelons
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