Annoy Someone Day

The idea behind this is to basically get someone to "lol" by being annoyed. To achieve this, there are many things that must happen. Here is how it happens:

  • Signature
  • WTF


Basically replicate someone's signature is one idea behind this. Here's an example with a current Admin, Armond.

This, of course, is without the date or the "sysop" part, as the date will change and as a non-sysop, I cannot really put that I'm a sysop.

The main things to replicate in a signature are color, image, font, size, and name.

  • Color: The colors should match those of your signature. If the signature has 3 colors, make sure yours does too.
  • Image: Make sure the image is the same. As seen above, the image of the Warrior icon is replicated. You can simply copy-paste whatever their signature image is into yours.
  • Font: Try to replicate the font they do. Sometimes it's a classic lettering, or a fancier one
  • Size: Try to make sure that the font and image sizes are the same. Most sig pics hover around 19px and below, as 19px is the image size max for signatures.
  • Name: Try to conjugate your name to be similar to the annoyees. As above, I replicated the "Warblade" part of his signature into mine.


The other part is to start an epic "WTF pyramid". Here's a small example:




These are made by one person saying "WTF?" The next person will follow with the same comment but with a ":" before it for an indent. The ":" will increase by one for each "WTF" posted. "WTF" pyramids can also be "no u" pyrmaids as well.

The point, however, is to make a giant one on the persons talk page. Don't spam your name on there as it will be considered spamming.


The date will be decided upon by the annoyee and his/her peers. The date should be decided upon by mainly one thing: Avaliability. This stands for the annoyee so they may see the annoying in action and even help, and for the community so they can actively annoy.

Candidates for Annoyance

If you want to nominate yourself or someone else for this special event, sign the persons name along with your signature. The person must then accept to be annoyed and give a rough copy (with <nowiki>). This will be used as a template to make the close signatures to.


When starting an Annoying Nomination, please follow the rules in "Candidates for Annoyance" and put it into the "Current Nominations" section. Once the person has accepted and once a date as been decided upon, move the nomination to the "Accepted Nominations and Dates" section.

Current Nominations

Accepted Nominations and Dates


This is a list of people willing to annoy. Please list your name, what days of the week you'll be avaliable, and if any upcoming events might affect your activeness.

Current Annoyers

  • Sometimes on the week, weekends definately. --GoD Sig3GuildofDeals 17:25, 22 January 2008 (EST)
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