This is a list of failures. You use these, and uninstall.

List of Fail

  • Mark of Rodgort Warriors/Assassins/Dervishes/Rangers/Paragons/Any-Non-Elementalist-Profession
  • Saying Shock Axe fails
  • Saying Cripshot fails
  • Not playing Shock Axe or Cripshot
  • Using pets for non-Thumping, B/P, Tank Master, or HB Spear Ranger purposes
  • Flare
  • Flare spamming
  • PvP Terra Tanks, 55 Monks, and any farming builds in PvP
  • 1v1
  • AB-only builds
  • Smack talk
  • Using smack talk like "Kurzdicks" and "Suxons"
  • Kurzicks
  • Luxons
  • Acting like your a Kurzick or Luxon in real life
  • Role-playing
  • Wastrel's Collapse
  • Wammos
  • Dervish healers
  • Crit Axes/Swords/Spears/Any-Non-Dagger-Weapon-Persides-Bows-and-Scythes
  • Aggressive Monks
  • Life Transfer Necros
  • Thinking Life Transfer Necros are good
  • Using Life Transfer Necros
  • Assassin's Promise in PvP
  • Tanks in PvP
  • Thinking that every single Ranger elite can be put on a generic PvP Ranger bar
  • This
  • 60 AL frontliners ("Dude! How about my Monk runs Backbreaker! AWESOME!")
  • Hard Monk Resurrects (Wow, 6 seconds of casting time is great...)
  • Randomway in HA
  • MM necros in Random Arenas

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