Damage per second. It's what a lot of builds run off of. Thus, I've introduced a contest that challenges the mind to create the highest DPS build they can get. However, there's a catch.

The Catch

You can't use attack skills or offensive spells/Signets/skills. All damage must be done by auto-attacking. All entries should not be teams, but should be solo builds. You also must do this on a suit of 100 armor.

Making an Entry

Two categories are present: PvE and PvP. PvE allows you to use PvE-only skills. Any build with PvE-only skills goes in this category. However, if your build doesn't use any PvE-only skills, it goes into the PvP category. All entires must include the following:

  • Your skill bar
  • Your weapon set
  • A formula for your DPS.
  • A picture showing some DPS against a 100 suit of armor.
    • For PvP, take the picture at the Great Temple of Balthazar
    • For PvE, take the picture at Churrhirr Fields (or whatever it's called).


Go here. Please put a link to your image, build, and entry on a same, seperate page. Please put your entry as [[user:(username)/GoD DPS Contest|X/Y (Username)'s Entry]]

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