I'm sick of shitty orange. I want a spanking new userpage. However, me being a complete lazy person and me not wanting to remake my page, I have decided to list bored PvXers (you) to make it for me. Here's the requirements:


  • Must be smaller, shorter, more compact
  • Must contain atleast half my userboxes (this may be in my namespace)
  • Must NOT have a tacky background color
  • Must be organized
  • Must have my list of Things that annoy me/Don't annoy me (this may be in my namespace)
  • Must have a list of links (those on my page)
  • Must have my list of Contests
  • Must have my bar at the top
  • Must have my "Unused Skill of the Week"
  • Must be an easy copy-paste transition.


Some things I would like my page to be modeled after would be:

Other things may be tried, but that's just an example.


The rules are simple:

  • Do not insert any links into the page, just put an (Insert ____ here)
  • Do not, of course, put racial slurs or shit on the template of the page
  • Don't alter my own page, just make one in your namespace
  • Don't make it an exact copy of another page. For example, don't replicate your page but insert my name
  • Text from my current page may not be inserted either. Just, again, put an (Insert ____ here).
  • All entries must be made under [[user:Your Name Here/GoD PUMP Page]]


  • A fabulous userbox (as always)
  • Bragging rights (maybe not)
  • An official nod to you on my new userpage
  • An official ode that you are infact awesome-sauce (unless you're not)


Please, as always, sign after your link.

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