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This page is a fake policy on PvXwiki.

It has low acceptance among editors and is considered extremely fake. It has been reached that all good users should follow it.

Godliest Whos party may this illustrate


We must, comrades! PvX is currently weakly and pewny like those silly Americans with there cow made cheese instead of strong Russian goat cheese. PvXwiki must go to the Mother Russia and become Communist!

What is Communism?

Pewny Americans do not know what the great Russian Communism is! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Communism is where Mother Russia rules all of PvX! We regulate everything! No need to listen to the silly citizens! They be happy!

Step One: Conversion!

We must convert to Communism first! All who agree become comrades and allies with the great homeland! Those who do not will have an accident. When the great Communist party is in control, PvXwiki will make the best builds in the land! The chain of command goes like this:

Once the new government is here, the purification of the great homeland begins, comrades!

Step Two: Make Builds!

In Mother Russia, builds make you! So, all users will start laboring while the great rulers make our builds! If you submit build, you get executed due to your pewniness! If a build is not great, BURN IT! Trash, Other, and Good categories are for the low peasants who cannot afford big expensive builds due to government regulated and low amount paychecks! We feed lowly builds to the yaks! Big build fire shall burn every night!

Step 3: ?????


Step 4: Rule the Internet!

With big strong Russian troops, we can take over the internet! From porn to a bear getting hit in the balls with a watermelon, it is all ours, comrades! We first must use strong government to "recruit" (draft) troops to then get into trolling fights with other sites and win! We then control internet and destroy weak and pewny sites! There is no end to the reign of Communist PvXwiki!


  • In Soviet of Russia, builds make YOU!!
  • In Soviet of Russia, admins/buildmasters choose YOU!
  • In Soviet of Russia, pages edit YOU!!
  • In Soviet of Russia, policies obey YOU!!
  • In Soviet of Russia, bans ban YOU!!

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