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This page is a fake policy on PvXwiki.

It has low acceptance among editors and is considered extremely fake. It has been reached that all good users should follow it.

PvX is srs bsns. A bsns of srs-ness. Here's a "policy" to explain why.

"This place is a dictatorship!"

Again, srs bsns. We aren't Stalin's Russia or China, we're a small little builds site who spends most its time chatting about Pokemon, Piplups, and Euros. Anyway, for those who think it's a dictatorship, it is! As you can tell, Gcardinal is a tyranical monster with no morals! I mean, it's not like elect our admins or elect our BM's! MADNESS!

"Everyone here assumes too much!"

We do assume. A lot. Want to know why? Because some of us have actual experience. We're not gonna test Mending's effectiveness in the GvG field because we know it's not good. We assume Dagger Rangers are bad because they are. We assume Spear Warriors are bad because they are. We assume Mending is bad because it is. Go test your own damn build, make a video for it, and then post it.

"You guys are a bunch of dicks!"

We are. We're dicks because you keep arguing against good reasoning and advice and keep being an ignorant bastard. Now shut up and submit to the higher power that is our experienced members.

"I'm leaving this stupid Wiki!"

Good, obviously you weren't experienced enough to be good. Not to be the pot calling the kettle black with my huge "this Wiki is biased rant", but honestly, if you act like an idiot, we'll act like idiots back. Also, if you're really that concerned with your build staying on the Wiki, move it to your userspace.

"This is srs bsns"

This is also my conclusion. We are srs bsns. We like to play around and goof around (to an extent that it isn't immature) and have general fun. If you want to ruin that with your serious buisiness additude, go right ahead. It won't work, but you can try to be the "savior" of the "tyranical monarchy of PvX".

Side Notes

  • Rickyvantof coined the term "SRS BSNS".
    71.229 monkey

    Serious fucking business.

  • Ask Ricky for many pictures of srs bsns-ess


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