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This page is a fake policy on PvXwiki.

It has low acceptance among editors and is considered extremely fake. It has been reached that all good users should follow it.

Don't be a dick

This "policy" is meant as a general overview on not being a dick. Dickiness on PvXWiki is usually not tolerated. There are certain types of dickiness, and they can be found on this page.


This is a violation of DICK. Mocking someone is usually stupid and raises the dick factor to the max. Keep mocking someone and you might be bitchslapped with the banhammer. Mocking is, of course, making fun of someone's past actions. So please, don't mock or you'll be DICK-ified. Don't kick someone while they're down, that's just, you know, dicky.

General Asshatery

The term "general asshatery" is meant for just general hate and emo-ness. Constantly blasting people, trolling, or stalking usually goes into here. If you find yourself doing this and basically gang-raping (typing version) someone, knock it off or admins will hit you in the balls with a nice can of banhammer.


If you feel insulted, then don't go on the pissing mad spree and start blasting jizz on someone's Talk. That's why we have Admins. If you were REALLY insulted, then go see one. If it's something stupid (see below) then just blow it off and don't worry about it. Seriously, retaliating at someone can leave you with the ban because you decided to go jizz on them.


BOO HEE FREAKING DOO! If someone makes fun of your hair color, don't go whine to admins about it, wasting their precious time when they could be, I don't know, actually helping someone that's not you? If you whine excessively, then somebody might just call the WAHHHHMbulance on you to take to you the Whin-ospital to get you treated for Whine-osis. Unless someone wants to gut you and rape your dog, don't go to an admin about it. It's called putting the big boy/girl pants on.

Excessive Oppression

Excessive Oppression, or EO for short, is basically when you keep thinking that PvXWiki, despite its heavy likeness to a free government, is oppressing you and trying to hide some conspiracy of some kind. PvXWiki is not the United States Congress. You know what we do? Here, we make builds and have contests. Yay. We don't plot on how to fuck you over (although that would be a good idea).


Althought freedom of speech is, of course, allowed on PvXWiki, you don't need to curse at everyone. Thats why we have this. As you can see above, cursing, of course, lets you enhance a conversation, but not enough to go and call someone a fucking dick hole fuck dick fuck.

Drama Llamaness

The Drama Llama is a strange beast that lives here on PvXWiki. He does not break any policies, but is used to track down those who feel they are being oppressed or who are making a drama queen out of themselves. If a Drama Llama visits your userpage, that means you should stop your whining, shake your head, and walk away with your pride, not a violation of DICK. So please, listen to the Llama.


Yes, we already have a policy on it, but this is just to further discourage vandalism. If you get pissed at PvXWiki because boo-hoo, you're being oppressed, don't turn to the dark side. Worse comes to worse, you get a nice slap on the titty and are gone for a day or two because of your obsessive admin nagging and wasting their time. If you start vandalizing, you should realize that you're going to probably be kicked off the best Guild Wars builds database on the net. Even some bad stuff can leave you banned, but not for more than usually a few months or a year. If you vandalize, you're already attracting a Drama Llama to your location and pumping the Keeping It Real-o Meter to the max. Please, for the vandalizer, vandalee, and admin's sake, don't be a dick and vandalize.

Reality Check

As stated above, this is just a site for builds. The entire administrative staff is not in their secret lair plotting your demise, they are, simply, being an admin. Don't pull out the Conspiracy Bat and start trying to be George Washington. If an admin basically tells you to shut up, you know what you do. Shut up. I know, it's amazing, but that's what admins are telling you to do. They don't have time to listen to you whine whine whine whine about conspiracies and the entire community plotting your ultimate and utter destruction. Again, this is a site for builds, not a corrupt bureaucratic government looking for world domination.

Bad Builds

Don't bitch about how someone called your build horrible. If a build sucks, why waste precious resources to keep it in PvX? If you really like your Mending Frenzy Heal Sig Wammo, then put it in your namespace. Anyway, don't complain about how you're new to PvXWiki and someone says your builds suck. If you're good at Guild Wars, your builds shouldn't suck. If you hate tough love and constructive criticism, we can always turn on Barney to make you feel better.

False Claims

Again, here at PvXWiki, we are not going to go banhammer someone for calling you a noob. Anytime someone calls you a noob, don't go spam every single admin about it. First off, for any issue, just post it on the admin noticeboard or on 1 admin's Talk. You don't need to bug all the admins about it. Again, put the big boy/girl pants on, say "lol" and move on, don't go an threaten to eat their children and rape their dog or something.

Admin Annoyance

Admins are a lot like normal users at PvXWiki. They joined to site to, you know, do stuff we do. They just got really good at it and decided to help more. They like to submit builds and have jokes, not be mobbed by Mr. Wahh Wahh He Huwrted My Feelwings about how Random User #1 called him a noob, because first off, it's not a horrible comment, and second off, Random User #1 might be correct. Again, take as much as you can into your own hands, and that you can't fix, go to admins for.

Conclusion to DICK

So what have we learned today? Don't be a dick. Unless someone has done something really serious, don't contact an admin. If someone calls you a noob or a whiner, don't whine about (hence why you'd be called a whiner) and waste precious time in which an admin can actually help people you ACTUALLY need help, not you. In the end, read policies, learn how serious we take things at PvX, and Don't Be a Dick. This public broadcast brought to you by the beautiful mind of Guild of Deals.

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