Frenzy WARNING! This is a rant! It may contain many bad words, hurtful comments, or rage inducing sentences. READ AT YOUR OWN COST!


This is my large rant on Innovation. I think that it is an utter piece of shit on Ratings and should be exiled. Here I go.


Effectiveness and Universatility go hand-in-hand. If you give high effectiveness with low Universatility, it'll most likely be removed. But then we have Innovation in the corner. It's the lonely rating that really doesn't do very much. It's just to round out ratings. Still, it's shitty.

Why is it shitty, Doctor?

I'll tell you why, ma'am. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK IF A BUILD IS INNOVATIVE. I don't care if it was the most dull of builds, if it makes me win, I like it. This is just the happy happy joy joy category for people who are like "Well, atleast my Mending Wammo has innovative, as it was a new idea!" Get the fuck off. Now.

The Innovation Debate

Innovation = can this/will this be meta. Still, for PvE (yeah, who cares) it means something different. It means (roughly) is this a new idea. Again, I don't give a shit. I'm not gonna run a shitty build because it's "fun". Dying to mindless hordes of monsters isn't. Trying to vett a build purely on its innovation doesn't work.

Why doesn't it work, Doctor?

I'll tell you why. The sensible people decided that this was just a relatively worthless category, and thus gave it a measily weighing on an overall rating. Thus, even if I give a build a 0-0-5, it won't surpass above a Trash rating.

Why is it shitty, Doctor? v. 2

Builds should be rated on how they work. Innovation doesn't make it "work". If I told you to run a Magebane Ranger or a innovative but crappy build, what would you chose? If you're a good player, click Option 1. If you chose Option 2, uninstall Guild Wars. As explained above, Innovation hardly does anything to a build. Thus, my intelligence has come up with some replacements.


Ideas ran low (need more gas) so some of these may seem similar to Effectiveness.

  • Usefulness: Does this have a role on the team? Would it be used at all? Could this build compete with current metas or your environment?
  • Adaptivity: Can this build adapt/work against current metas or different environments?

Usefulness is my prime choice. Why would I run Build X over the more popular Build Y?


Innovation is the scourage of rating. It's like the bum who says he'll get a job and move out of his parents house but instead gets fat and plays Guitar Hero. Anything else you want me to add about Innovation can be said here. Thanks for your time, ma'am.

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