Frenzy WARNING! This is a rant! It may contain many bad words, hurtful comments, or rage inducing sentences. READ AT YOUR OWN COST!


Some people say "Don't rate my build before you test it!" Shut up. This explains why I and most of the community won't test your shitty build.


Math is what dominates a build. I don't need to test a build to realize that Mending + Healing Breeze = 10 health regen. You can easily compute how the build works. Let's take Shock Axe for example. It has DW + High damage + KD. All of those are good things, so that equals good. Still, Mending + Frenzy + Healing Hands =/= equal good. It equals shit. This works most of the time, as I realize that Build X > Build Y. That's a math equation! And it's true! See, math works.


Time is of the essence. Not really, but it's good to say. Why should I waste my time on your build that may or may not be good? During the time I test your build, I could easily have done something like eat lunch, talk to my kids about drugs, or make love. All of those are better than your shitty build (except the kids part). I can easily determine the effectiveness of a build by doing a few things:

  • Reading
  • Comparing

Comparing comes from other builds. I may compare how another build works to one being Tested. If a build is not as good as the other one, then WELL, WELL, WELL. However, I can compare certain skill synergies. Let's take Shock Axe and Disrupting Axe. Both have Eviscerate -> Executioner's Strike chain, Bull's Strike, and Frenzy -> Rush combo. Shock Axe is a godly build. All of those have good synergy together. Thus, you realize that most of Disrupting Axe is good. Hence why it has a "Great" rating.

Common Knowledge

Most people do/should know that skills like Mending suck. This common knowledge allows us to see a build that has Mending and instantly determine its horribility factor. Same goes for some skills like Life Transfer or Spirit's Strength. Also, common knowledge applies failed build concepts. I can't count how many Dagger Ranger builds have come through the Wiki. Only one has come close to even the "Other" category. If we see a Dagger Ranger, we instantly know it sucks.


Testing is unnecessary. Anything works on Guild Wars, it's just a factor of how well. So please, if you say "STFU, you didn't even test my build!" then leave the community.

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