It really gets me. I mean c'mon, grow a pair and take it like a man, don't go bitching to me about it. Let's take an in-depth, graphic look at why whining sucks.

What is Whining?

Here's an example:

Build: W/E Shock Axe

GoD, you're vote is wrong. Shock is a costly interrupt and the Shock->Eviscerate->Executioner's Strike spike doesn't work. The build is overall very ineffective. Change you're vote! --Who Gives A Crap Because This Is An Example

Build: Mo/Me Echo Mending This example was provided by Crossfirexiv

GoD PLZ look over your vote. You are not stating the true qualities of Echo and the mending skill combined. EVERYONE ELSE VOTED a little more than 0-0-0. I mean COMEON your whole party gets +4 health regen. Alls you do is have no energy pips. Please REMOVE YOUR VOTE BECAUSE YOUR MAKING ME CRY. wAAAAH WAAAH IMA PUT IT ON THE ADMIN NOTICEBOARD NOW WAH.--

That's a rough example of it. Now that you know what it is, I can start ranting.

Why it annoys me

You REALLY want to know? Okay then. I give A LOT of trash ratings. You want to know why? BECAUSE PEOPLE MAKE TRASH BUILDS! They then think their build is the greatest and then just whine to me about why it is. Not just that, but they go make some long and stupid-ass point on MY Talk page and then get into some long drama-filled orgy over why I'm a complete dickhole which, in the end, results in them hopefully rage quitting.

You take a small look through my Talk page archives and you may notice a few kb of whining. My Talk page should only be filled with a few things: Useless spam, warnings/news of my bans, and srs bsns. Nothing else. I don't want some stupid butthole to go nagging on and on and on and on and on.

Resolutions to Whining

There's one thing that can stop whining: People stop being assholes. If you go to the admin noticeboard, you'll see a magical section called "Build Specific Issues." You see, if a vote is blatently wrong, then people post it there and the sensible administrative staff will tip their hat or wag their finger at it. But, of course, people who whine on Talk pages just do it because they know that their build will fail and know an admin/BM won't remove the vote, thus they have to beg for mercy. Seriously, it's PvXwiki. We all have trashed builds and epicly stupid builds. I bet if you ask an admin to pull up Build: E/N Icy Interruptor and confront me about it I'll have no regrets. But seriously, read this before whining.

Whining Alerts

If someone is whining, please use this image:

Whining Alert

It is [[image:Whining Alert.JPG]]

Use it wise.

What Have We Learned

Don't whine. As the reasons above state, it just makes you (the whiner) look like a complete noob and asshole at the same time. If someone voted REALLY wrong on a/your build, see an admin/BM, not them. Good night and good luck.

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