Guide to Resurrection

This guide will explain Resurrection. This is to negate people from using bad resurrection, or in some cases, resurrection entirely.

A Quick Lesson

Green thumbs up
Monks in PvP should never carry resurrects. They're too busy healing.

Red thumbs down
If you're not a Monk and you don't carry a resurrect in most PvP, you're bad

The Resurrects

All resurrects can be found here. Some are good, some are bad, some are beyond awful. Take a look.

The Good

  • Resurrection Signet Resurrection Signet: We all start with this skill. It is a great skill to use anywhere. PvE, PvP, no matter what, it works. Although you may think "one time use, that's lame!", it is quite effective. First off, it's pretty fast. The top time for Resurrection with skills without Fast Casting is 3 seconds. This has a 3 second casting time. Also, it's a Signet, so Spell interrupts won't work. Also, it gives full health, regardless. The 25% energy is also good for a Resurrect. This is the first Resurrection skill you should turn to.
  • Death Pact Signet Death Pact Signet: A great resurrect. If your secondary profession is open, you may consider bringing this. It has the same casting time as Resurrection Signet in PvE and only 1 second longer in PvP, but can bring back up to full health AND full energy. However, if that person dies, you die as well. This is best to not be used on bad players, as odds are you'll both end up dead. But, with an experienced team, you can use that potently. The other thing with it is that it's not a one time use. The 12 second recharge is relatively short for Resurrects, and is great for this. With enough evasion, you could bring back a hefty amount of your team back.
  • Sunspear Rebirth Signet Sunspear Rebirth Signet: An easy PvE Resurrection. With enough Sunspear Rank, you can get an ally back with full health and energy. It also teleports, which is useful for allies who are in frontlines and need to be put in backlines for recovery. But, don't be deceived by this teleportation. It resurrects the ally, then a split second later, teleports them to you, aggroing mobs in that allies range. Still, it is very useful and recharges more than Resurrection Signet.
  • Flesh of My Flesh Flesh of My Flesh: "Sacrifice HALF my health? That's ludicris!" No it's not, example nooby player. This is a great asset on any team. It has a relatively quick casting time (4 seconds) and gives half of your health. Although half may seem undesirable, if you have high Health, they can get quite a nice bit back. Also, it has no recharge, so you can constantly resurrect. This works great with self healing, as you can get your health back and resurrect for another high amount.
  • Signet of Return Signet of Return: This is meant for Paragons with Leadership on large teams. Namely, most of PvE, GvG, and HA. At about 10 Leadership (a common level for Paragons), with 8 party members, you can resurrect someone with 96% health and 24% energy. This is almost as much as Resurrection Signet! Also, it is a signet, so it can't be interrupted by Spell interrupters, and it is reusable. Great for primary Paragons, bad for secondaries.

The Decent

  • Resurrection Chant Resurrection Chant: This skill is bad for all characters except Mesmers. If you have high enough fast casting, you can bring the casting time of this baby down to about 3 seconds. You'll get a reusable Resurrect with practically no downsides. However, it does give a relatively small energy gain (especially at commonly low levels) and is half ranged, but none of these are huge issues.
  • Rebirth Rebirth: Rebirth is a great skill for tough PvE. It may seem like it has a lot of downsides, but if your party is dead, you can be the savior. You can easily resurrect all allies without fretting of foes. It teleports the person to your location, so you can get them out of the range of mobs. The energy loss may seem bad, but it can be countered by low energy sets or just waiting when combat is non-existant.

The Bad

  • Restore Life Restore Life: Never use this lump of shit. It has a long, lengthy casting time, and doesn't even give full health back. The energy gain may be high for a resurrect, but still not bad enough. Running right into danger and waiting 5 seconds to resurrect is never a good idea.
  • Renew Life Renew Life: This should never be used, like Restore Life. The AoE healing may seem favorable, but it still gives very little health and energy back. Persides that, you need to be next to someones corpse to use it, putting you in danger. Again, a bad choice.

The Ugly

  • Resurrect Resurrect: This is one of the hugest shit heaps you'll see. This may have a short recharge to it, which you'll need. You see, this ass-fluid of a resurrect gives back 25% health and 0% energy. Basically, they'll be easy to kill and defenseless. So, any guy can easily swoop in, hit them a few times, and waste 5 seconds of casting a Spell and leave you with 8 seconds to even attempt to do it again. It is also a spell, so it is vulnerable to practically every interrupt.
  • Light of Dwayna Light of Dwayna: This is the big sister of Resurrect. That's why it's bad. You may be able to bring your whole party back, but they'll be weak and smashed again. It also costs a monstrous 25 energy, which can blast your energy pool away. It may only be 4 seconds, but it's incredibly weak and unreliable.
  • Lively Was Naomei Lively Was Naomei: This is just pretty bad. Unless you are anticipating a party wipe, this becomes pretty useless. It has a 6 second casting time, which is a huge margin of vulnerability. Even Helen Keller could interrupt this one. It may give decent health gain at higher levels, but not compared to Resurrection Signet and other resurrects, and also leaves them with zero energy. This is overall unreliable and shouldn't be used.
  • Restoration Restoration: You can't get much more unreliable than this. It has a lengthy 5 second casting, and although it's a Spirit and can't be interrupted by Spells, it still leaves you vulnerable. Also, without Spirit destruction skills, you must wait 30 seconds for it to die and resurrect your allies, unless it is attacked, unless you are smart enough to take gaze of fury, which still makes you a dumbass for taking this skill in the first place. By this time, you'll most likely be dead or your team will leave.

The Fugly

  • Vengeance Vengeance: This is the worst of the worst. This may be the only Resurrect that gives a buff, but it also has one minor penalty: IT KILLS THEM. That's right, you read it correct. After 30 seconds, the person suffers an aneurysm and just dies. Gone. Splat. Dead. It may give full health and full energy, but this cannot be used as a reliable source of bringing back your team.
  • Unyielding Aura Unyielding Aura: This is the worst resurrect in the game. Ever. And Ever. And Ever. And Ever. It's an elite, and the only resurrect that is. That's why it makes it pretty bad. But that's not all for this pile of heaping, gigantic, boiling shit. It's maintained! And if you don't maintain it and sacrifice a pip of energy, they die. Gone. Splat. Dead. With low energy cost, and short casting time, you may be tempted. If you are, uninstall now.


Use the good Resurrects or decent resurrects, no others. Follow the lessons above, and you'll atleast lrn2resurrect.

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