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{{Section header|{{{C1|#aaaaaa}}}|{{{C2|#f8f8f8}}}|{{{C3|#fefefe}}}|General information [[Image:Norway.jpg|19px]]}}
{{Section header|{{{C1|#aaaaaa}}}|{{{C2|#f8f8f8}}}|{{{C3|#fefefe}}}|General information [[Image:your country here.jpg|19px]]}}
[[image:your favorite character here.jpg]]
=== Date of registration ===
=== Date of registration ===
XX-XX-XX (put the date you made this)
XX-XX-XX (put the date you made this)

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General information 19px

File:Your favorite character here.jpg

Date of registration Edit

XX-XX-XX (put the date you made this)

Friendcode Edit

....-....-.... (put your friend code)

Top 5 Character list Edit

  1. X
  2. X
  3. X
  4. X
  5. X

(put your top 5 most played/best/favorite characters

Prefers Time Matches or Stock Matches Edit

Time or Stock

Matches played Edit

XX (put the number of online matches with PvX'ers you've played.

Tournaments entered Edit

XX (enter the number of PvX coordinated tournaments held)

Win/loses ratio Edit

X/X (put your number of wins in green and losses in red)

  1. (stage) - (time match/stock match) - Example vs (unknown) - won/lost (put your history of matches here)

XXX (put the any tournaments you hold/held here)

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