Lameway Tournament

Lameway is a fun idea that I developed at my friends house. Basically, you can only use characters that you don't normally use, or characters you aren't good with. This helps you find strengths or weaknesses in other characters, and is really fucking fun.

  • Date: Unknown, to be set by members
  • Time: Monday July 28th until Friday August 1st
  • Host: Guild of Deals
  • Contestants: Sign your name below, and add character(s) you plan to use in Lameway
  • Rules: 3 stock matches, 1.5 times damage, random levels. Anyone who isn't using a "lameway character" will be kicked or disqualified.
    • Guild of Deals: King Deedeedee, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, etc.
    • Lann: Captain Falcon, Falco, Olimar&Pikmin, Jigglypuff, Zelda/Sheik
    • Ojamo: Marth, Captain Falcon, Link, Bowser, Jigglypuff(lol)
    • InfestedHydralisk: Marth, King Dedede, Pit, Metak....kirby
    • Gogey: Fox, Marth, Zelda, Pokemon Trainer, Toon Link
Smashball This Brawler won the Lameway Tourny, winning against _____

Add this to your trophy case if you win!

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