Read this before posting any build, honestly. These are a list of bad ideas people keep submitting and keep getting trashed. Cred goes to Skakid, since he made some sort of policy retaining to this. Add or delete things as needed.

The List

  • Dagger Rangers
  • Any 60AL being a frontliner
  • GoL Healers
  • Spear Warriors
  • Fast Casting "Ima gonna use mah FC to make shit go faster!" Mesmers (unless they're good)
  • Dervish Healers
  • Generic Ritualists
  • IW Mesmers
  • Crit Hammers, Swords, Axes, and Spears
  • Bonders
  • any new PvE dervish builds. (already a great one for each Avatar)
  • Capping nukers

Again, feel free to add.

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