GvG has been changed. Now it starts at VoD, meaning everything applies: NPC's instantly start moving to the middle, allies are under VoD. Make the strongest and bravest build to crush it. No stalling, no pandering, just win or die; victory or death.


  • Must be a full 8-man team or a 1 person build; no "2-man backlines" or stupid shit like that
  • The build that is judged to be the strongest wins a very fancy userbox or something like that.
  • Try to be brave. Although VoD is far from brave, try to be.
  • NO PREVIOUSLY VETTED BUILDS. Remember, some builds stall until VoD... There is no stall here.


Single Builds

Team Builds


Buillds will be judged on power, strongness/bravery, and innovation. Have fun!

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