This is a build for Derv running that is made to withstand heavy foes and damage inducing areas.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=D/M Wind Prayer=12+1+3 Mysticism=10+2 Healing Prayers=8][Mindbender][Protector's Defense][Shield stance][Defensive Stance][Hundred Blades]["To the Limit!"][Whirlwind Attack][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>

You can place the last set of skill points into whatever category you need for the optional skills.

1st Optional Slot: Any speed buff that can get you to the mouth of the cave quickly (about 11 seconds).

For example: ele would use armor of mist.

Or Any healing/enchantment that will help you live long enough to collect drops.

For example: ele would use Armor of Frost


  • Armor


+30 HP/+45 Hp Enchant or Stance
-Physical Damage Enchant/Stance
  • Weapons


+15 percent dam if enchanted or Health > 50%
+20% enchantment


Run to mouth of the cave(with speed enchantment if you have it).

Cast mindbender.

Collect the nestlings.

Spam all the spells skills through (don't overstack and accidently abort a spell/skill) from protector's defense to whirlwind attack. You may need to wait a second or two to charge up enough adrenaline for Whirlwind attack.

Cast your life preserving spell/skill/enchantment.

Collect your drops.

Rinse and Repeat.


Low Hp as you spam your skills. You generally need about 300 hp to survive broodmother's twisting jaws and get through the spamming - so try not to take damage through your run.

Very rarely will an interrupt make it through the 3 x 75 percent block. 75 + 18.75 + 4.6875 = about 98.5 percent chance to block attacks.


Credits to the follow page for the Paragon hero:

<pvxbig> [build prof=P/rt name="Build:W/N Raptor Farmer" command=12+1+3 leadership=6 restoration=10]["Fall Back!"]["Incoming!"][Enduring Harmony]["Make Haste!"]["Can't Touch This!"][Vocal Was Sogolon][Optional][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>

Then use the following build:

<pvxbig> [build prof=Any/W Swordsmanship=12 Tactics=12][Protector's Defense][Shield stance][Soldier's Defense][Hundred Blades][Whirlwind Attack][Optional][Optional][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>

Please refer to the above link to W/N raptor build to see how to pre-buff yourself with the Paragon hero.

Depending on your class, you could conceivably come up with 3 skills that could target broodmother herself and end up killing her, but I haven't experimented enough to find out what this combo is. I have tried multiple uses of sliver with elementalist, and you end up getting her about 50-75 percent depending on your luck.

The build I am currently using incorporates a Monk with Divine Healing to give me an early Spell Breaker Buff to keep the anglodons off of me if they happen to be in front of the cave and the paragon hero with the following:

<pvxbig> [build prof=Any/W Swordsmanship=10 Tactics=11 Earth Magic=10+3+1][Magnetic Aura][Protector's Defense][Shield stance][Sliver Armor][Hundred Blades][Ebon Battle Standard of Honor]["To The Limit!"][Whirlwind attack][/build] </pvxbig>


Additional Damage modifying skills don't actually help you since all the nestlings die with just hundred blades + ww attack.

Surviving AFTER killing the nestlings is important to pick up the numerous drops after killing the nestlings.

Timed: 43-50 seconds. If ignoring broodmother and just trying to kill nestlings, it's about a 45 second run, sometimes a slightly less depending on your run pattern through the cave.

If I notice that for some reason my sliver was interrupted, which is 1 time out of 20 runs or so, I automatically go straight to hundred blades and ww and end the run very quickly. If sliver activates, I wait to see if it targets broodmother within 4 seconds, if not, I then end the run with hb/ww combo.

Again I get broodmother about 50-75 percent of the time and I can not figure out where the most opportune place is to start the defensive spells and corner her for sliver.

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W/N Raptor Farmer Build

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