• The Sylvari are ugly, I thought I would have one as my main character but not any more. There might still be hope if I can make a pwetty one.
  • Humans look like plastic.
  • Charr look awesome but I don't like them.
  • Asura look horribly cute.
  • Norn... Hmm maybe. I want to turn into a snow leopard.

Found this stereotype for the players of each of the races somewhere (can't remember where) and it made me lol.

  • Sylvari: Omg desu desu kawaii me love anime so cute ^_^ you baka
  • Humans: I am Lord Valorous the Justiceful, I am bringer of peace and justice to this land.
  • Charr: I am Lord Deathspike the Evil, I reside in a black tower of evil death. (Not so sure about this one, think they might be the 'lol i snipe you nub' types)
  • Asura: I am a caster and therefore am a superior being, bow down before my arcane skillz, now I shall go do some uwsc to prove my superiority. (DISCLAIMER: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST UWSC BUT THIS WAS HOW I FOUND IT AND IT MADE ME LOL.)
  • Norn: hurr durr i am norn u nub i smash u wiv hammah lul.


They look fine, nothing special. Some of the skill animations do look pretty cool and apparently they're all individual which could make it more 'immersive'.

Those 'dynamic event' things

They sound like fun. I like the way the difficulty will scale up as more people arrive and vice versa. Apparently the absence of that was a problem with public quests in warhammer online but it sounds like they've taken the public quest idea and made it enjoyable.

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