Current issues


This page could use some major revision: expand the history section, include current events, fansite status, sister project. Here's a draft.

With the general footer linking to Wikia:About instead of an About page for this particular wiki, we could also use a more prominent link on the main page. For example, the header could be changed from

Welcome to PvXwiki@Wikia, the largest database of Guild Wars character builds!


Welcome to PvX@wikia, a database of Guild Wars character builds!

This is also changing the name to be consistent with the logo, and skipping 'the largest', since we can't be sure about that once there are two PvXwiki sites.

This construction will enable interested readers to learn about recent issues, including a link to the new site, while at the same time avoiding to spam advertisements. I hope that's an acceptable compromise between the interest of our readers to learn about all available builds and the interests of Wikia to hide information about external sites.

Outdated pages

Since neither the game nor the metagame are static, a lot of information on this site can become outdated rather fast. Outdated information should be marked as such since it will otherwise harm the gameplay experience of our readers and damage the reputation of the wiki. This will be especially important here if many of the active editors move to the new site. While some editors might stay semi-active here, it can't be expected that they fix all problems in parallel on two sites. A good compromise might be to keep pointing out problematic pages while leaving the additional work of fixing them to people who focus their spare time more on this site.

Thus, a page should get a warning box if any of the following happens (details to be fine-tuned, does this need a policy?)

  • A skill was updated in the game, but not yet in our database, making the mouseover descriptions wrong
  • A skill was updated and the effect on the functioning of the build was not yet tested
  • The metagame has shifted / PvE areas were changed and the build was not yet re-evaluated
  • A build has seen a major edit and it's not clear yet if the current rating reflects the updated version.
  • A build was not edited / discussed / rated for a long time (how long?) and needs to be checked

Ideally, the warning box should contain (or link to) information for both mere readers and potential editors including an explanation of the problem and, where appropriate, where to find additional information (e.g. on a skill update and it's consequences or on updated versions of the build). However, if a page is outdated, just marking it as such without putting much effort in collecting additional resources is still better than leaving it alone.

Other points to be considered:

  • Copy and paste from one site to the other is problematic due to possible copyright violations.
  • Should a build that is clearly inferior to a build stored on another site be removed as per PvX:WELL?


  • Review PvXwiki:Copyrights, include license information for normal edits, not just for inclusion of external material.
  • The edit page links to Wikia:Licensing for details, which is about another license than ours!
  • Check other copyright-related pages, avoid redundancy, make them easily accessible
  • Discuss possible conflicts between NC and wikia being the publisher.

Old stuff

Diagnostic pages


Back end

  • Avoid error messages from CheckUser (or upgrade?)
  • Search engine (have to get alpha version from the old test server)
  • RSS and Atom feeds for RC:
There's a newline at the top of each page. Not sure yet why. Seems to be no problem in html, but with feeds the browser doesn't eat it.
  • Special pages:
    • Review special pages, extend to build name space: e.g. uncategorized builds!
    • Review GraceExpired, add dropdown for categories
    • Special page for builds with redundant / contradicting / missing tags or wrong name
    • Special page for builds with wrong quality category
    • Special page for build talk without build pages
    • Special:Statistics
  • Recent ratings:
    • User ratings for other users
    • Update innovation display
    • Time zone
  • Database cleanup:
    • Stealth entries in categories (some come from moving, fix by null edit)
    • Purge old deleted pages
    • Purge unlinked votes
  • Show WhatLinksHere on delete page
  • Downloading skill templates
    • Digest with all builds of a category
  • GW/GWW user preference
  • Add to firefox search


  • Mouseover attribute descriptions
  • Check database status with GC


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