aka Why do people give out this kind of info in the first place?

Hikari's Userpage

  • Age: 1337
  • Date of Birth: 1/3/37
  • Location: Off in my own lil universe, where assassins remain as PvP Gods and Trolls are still farmable for profit.
  • Likes: Anime, Catboys, Guild Wars, KITTIES!, Sharp objects...etc
  • Dislikes: A Net, Blizzard, and basically all other MMORPG companies support teams and/or GMs.
  • Characters: Shadowstalker Aeris ( My new 15k Armor Assassin <3 ), Keiko S P ( Retired Warrior ) , Kyuubi Shadow Fox and The Starlight Muse ( Common PvP Char names )
  • PvP Titles: Mighty Hero (Rank 4) Gladitaor (Rank 1) Victorious Commander (Rank 2) and some other random titles...
  • Balth Faction : ... used for Zaishen Keys.

Current Contributions worth mentioning

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