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Describe the build.
Describe the build.

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Describe the build. Used in AB for capping shrines mainly but has been known to withstand 1v1/1v#, works well with a monk with you.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=D/? name="Build:D/A Derv AB bomber" win=3 earthp=12 mys=12][Sand Shards][Mystic Sandstorm][Vow of Silence][Armor of Sanctity][Staggering Force][Dust Cloak][Mirage Cloak][Pious Haste][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Armor: Health + energy runes
  • Weapons: Wand w/good energy, foci w/good energy

Usage Edit

Use in order, Sand shards, mystic sandstorm, armour of sanctity, staggering force, dust cloak. Use Vow of silence if you see mage's etc.. and use pious haste straight after to drop vow of silence Use Mirage cloak if under heavy atk or need to get away use with pious haste.

Variants Edit

Aura of thorns, Cripples enemy keeps them from running away so easily from sand shards. Mystical regen, health can drop low so this can help Natural Healing, health can drop low so this can help

Notes Edit

Try not to 1v1, run for shrines and take them. iz for teh lulz

As noted by another users: An SH elementalist can nuke far more reliably. A Mind Blast ele sacrifices some of the SH ele's capping potential for better single target damage and essentially infinite energy. Both builds are superior to this, though it doesn't mean you can't use an exploding derv for lolz

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