Help to eliminate these things as quickly as possible.

The List

  • LAZY GRAMMAR FUCKS:Gee Random sentence's with Very random Apostrophe's And other random, Error's like Comma's, apostrophe's, and Caps's become really Annoying after a While. Plea'se help, to Eliminate them's. I mean really, no apostrophes are okay. I dont use them often at all. But putting them where they dont belong is just annoying as shit. For words showing possession, that's when you put Dancing Dagger's damage (although gramatically it's Dancing Daggers' or Dancing Daggers's) But when you say DANCING DAGGER'S then you just look like an idiot.
  • Pokemon battle whores:You ever have a friend who is just really good at pokemon? Like participates-in-tournaments good? Then he catches your level 87 Tyranitar rolling through the Elite Fucked with Crunch, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Cross Chop. Immediately he gets on your case: "WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU RUN A PURE OFFENSE BUILD OMG N00B GTFO AND LERN2POKEMANS". Let me tell you something. It's a fucking game. 90% of the people who play just like either the satisfaction of rolling tiny sparrows with a bigass wave of fire or just staring at Nurse Joy's tits, which even in 8bit aren't bad.
  • Columbus Day:People apparently aren't celebrating this holiday much anymore because Columbus was huge and a bully, ordered his men around like trash, and ripped out their tongues if they tried to mutiny. Let me tell you something. Total. Fucking. Badass. I'm beginning to think that Columbus was Irish. If we're not getting school off because a group of American pussies protest against it, that's pure american bullshit.
  • New users: I know that this is mean, and that new users will eventually become the backbone of the wiki, but I'm getting tired of builds like touch eles and blood warcros getting submitted. Hey new PvXer, do us a favor and obs around a bit before submitting builds. Get on people's good side before they realise you're a noob. Either that or gtfo, cause if i see one more spirit's strength hammer im gonna throw up.
  • New players: Exactly the same argument as before, except in GW. Obs a bit, then maybe you'll get better! Chances are that if you run the same builds as successful players and watch for meta shifts, you'll become more skilled. Jebuspachi-1-1.jpgMcPachirisu 15:46, 6 January 2009 (EST)
  • People who flame PvX as being a nooby website: Noobs that get demolished in places like RA that see their enemies using PvX builds. Nothing is more annoying than listening to them say that "you're a noob for using PvX, my build is awesome because i came up with it all by myself." Whoop-de-fucking-doo. Doesn't change the fact that I owned your orison barrager with shock axe. Being creative doesnt make you pro, using builds that work doesn't make you noob. As a matter of fact, the 10% of people who can actually play GW well are the ones that make the builds that will eventually get obsed onto PvX.
  • More coming... hopefully not.
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