JQ is a simple arena with 2 main goals:

  • 1. Cap the shrines.
  • 2. assist the carriors to get them back to your base

The third goal of JQ is to get faction. This is where the first goal of JQ can be exploited by both teams to farm faction quickly and effectively.

Ideal parameters for JQ "Farming"

  • Each team owns 1 jade shrine to slowly get each-others total points up to get the end faction bonus.
  • Each team does not boost their carriers and allows them to move at normal speed to make the match as long as possible, allowing for more faction to be made.
  • Each team sets their remaining players to "trade" ranger shrines. This is the act of 1 player on one team nuking the shrine, followed up by the other player on the other team nuking it as soon as the new rangers spawn. This will quickly accumulate faction for both sides.
  • a pair of players should trade off the remaining shrine, not killing the carrier, but allowing it to get back to the players base. If perpetual trading occurs the carriers will not get back ever, keeping the even 1 for 1 going.


  • unless both teams know each-other, this will most likely not happen and general play will ensue.
    • A person willing to "trade" may be found amongst the players sometimes.
  • Most noobs and American players will insult you, call you an idiot, and be a general ass-hat; even if their team is loosing miserably.

Worst Case scenario -Most common scinario-

  • The other team's players will not listen to you and try to play normally and even ignore the ranger shrines that are free to capture. This will result in normal play where the Kurzik team quickly kicks the ass of the Luxon team and general suxon insults are traded off.

Best case scenario

  • Someone you know is on the other team and you and them trade off a ranger shrine to quickly get faction.
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