Build:W/any Hard Mode Elemental Farmer

Build:N/me Balanced Toucher

Ya im just a starter at this whole pvx builds contributer so dont blame me if i make any mistakes....

just a build i use alot in RA and sometimes to gank in gvg

Used for dealing massive damage in RA and GvG

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=assas/any daggerma=10+1+1 Deadly=10 Shadow=10][Shadow Refuge][Golden Fox Strike][Fox Fangs] [Nine Tail Strike][Moebius strike][Death blossom][Shroud of Distress][Resurrection signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • any armor with runes of attunement and survivor insignia
  • a set of daggers with a + 5 energy mod


Use shroud of distress before coming into combat and then simply use the combo in order with shadow refuge to heal.


Enchant removal. Anti-melee hexes (Empathy, Spiteful spirit,etc),blind, heavy degen.


Replace Moebius strike with Palm strike for instant dual attack's.

PVE Build of the week!

This is a new section im starting to expand my user page so here is this weeks Build of the week!

Build:W/E Obsidian Riposte

usefull in 5 man fow kill's off the warrior's well being invulnerable to the eles/mesmers/necros.

PVP Build of the week!

Build:A/E Signet Spiker

cause its soo damn annoying in AB...

Running Build of the week!

Build:A/Me Blue Ice Dome Ninja

A ninja runner who couldnt like it...?

Guild stuffz

I am right now building a guild with my good friend Tanner Warfire we are the incosiderate fellows and are looking for more inconsiderate members to join our new guild with a small(aka just us) kurzick alliance, and a hall with Tanners picture in it.

Charachter Information


Lvl 9 Ranger Hunter Maverick

Lvl 20 Warrior Valiant maverick

Lvl 20 Warrior The Super Maverick

Lvl 20 Elementalist Talon Maverick

Lvl 20 Dervish Blades Of Maverick

Lvl 20 Assasin Blackwidow Maverick

  • PVP charachters

Elementalist Flame Em good(MIND BLAST!!)(thinking of making him into a PVE char.

its also worth noting i used to have

Lvl 20 Monk Takeshi Maverick(was a 55) Lvl 20 Ranger Sniper Maverick (it was with great regret that I deleted this charachter)

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