How 2 play Guild Wars by InfestedHydralisk

Warrior-icon-small Warrior

Camp in Primal Rage. c+space. wait until prots and/or stances come up on your target then press tab and space again. Call spikes.

Alternatively, take Erf Shakur and grow a beard, or Magehunter's Smash and KD their prot whenever your caller tells you to.

Ranger-icon-small Ranger

Maintain Read The Wind and Frenzy. Pewpew from a raised elevation. Use Bonetti's Defense to block and to spam Savage like a whore.

Alternatively maintain Apply Poison and pewpew Mel's Shot.

Randomly shoot interrupts and hope it hits vital stuff.

Monk-icon-small Monk

Remove hex stacks, redbar or pewpew with Smiting Prayers (especially anywhere with balled up NPCs).

Necromancer-icon-small Necromancer

Stack hexes and drop Wards or make 10 million minions and spike with Swarm.

Alternatively, blow yourself up with Dark Aura whenever there are balled NPCs near.

In PvE, run SS or go MoP Nuker. Otherwise, give it to heroes as and use Soul Reaping with any caster class (healing, nuking, etc)

Mesmer-icon-small Mesmer

Spec into Fast Casting and use spells from other professions that have 2s cast times to reach their full potential at or before a 12 attribute investment.

For HA, if your name is Gwen, take Tease, Cry of Frustation, and a bunch of Resto skills. Stand wherever the player flags you and spam your interrupts on recharge at whoever he locks you on.

Elementalist-icon-small Elementalist

Spike Assist and fuck melee in the ass until their eyes water.

Make stuff asplode with AoE in HA and PvE.

Assassin-icon-small Assassin

Palm Strike->Trampling Ox(Flail)->Falling Spider/Lotus->Twisting->etc.

In PvE use a Shadow Form and ur team will do the rest.

Ritualist-icon-small Ritualist

Run flags or reroll to Necro primary and bring resto skills.

Assist Spikes if your team is brave.

Paragon-icon-small Paragon

In PvE, go P/W and spam Save Yourselves! and There's Nothing to Fear!

In Jade Quarry, reroll Monk and bring IMS shouts.

In HA, reroll to necro or elementalist and bring "Make Haste!" and Song of Concentration.

Don't bother going anywhere else.

Dervish-icon-small Dervish

In PvP, bring Wounding Strike and hope that Palm Strike and Primal Rage get enough of a nerf that you'll be meta again.. Or go D/Mo and play a defensive redbar whore in TA.

In PvE, take AoHM with your Wounding Strike and ask the ritualist your team accidentally brought to spam Great Dwarf Weapon on you. Alternatively, if your team has a million frontliners, be an orders bitch instead.

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