• Clear the main room entirely before taking the quest. You can pull skeles into places where they cannot strike anyone through a wall or the staircase cliffs.
  • Perma should go in with shadowform when engaging any enemy groups. Try to take on skeletons separately.

|!!!For Normal Mode!!!| Tear off your headpiece, chest armor, and gloves. Use an armor-5 energy+5 incription so that graspings can hit for 60 more often and trigger sb. Nightmares will still be problems. Dodge while your party eats them.

  • Take quest, eat graspings. Clear out to where the obsidian behemoths are. Pull the skeles so they are attempting to fire through the wall but can't hit. SS or SF or whatever to death. Move to the room before the ice wastes, clear it, then move down the right hallway into the chamber. Carefully pull and clear groups. Take Restoring Grenth's Monuments.

|Important!| You can split here, sending the SS, preferably 1 monk, and one a/mo tank to the Ice Wastes to clear it while clearing the vale, but it doesn't matter which method you use.

  • Clear the antechamber. Be careful of the mindblades. Perma should use shroud of distress to outlast their super low wand dmg. Clear all of the vale, being careful to protect the little souls who think graspings should be attacked even though they don't have illusionary weaponry. Make sure to kill a good number of the coldfire and stalking nights so that you have room for pulls and such.


  • If you choose to do this quest 1st. (Reccommended) Make sure the perma is in position to grab the aggro of whichever group you choose and that at least 1 monk is in a position to heal said perma. If you brought an SoS Rit, summon all spirits except Disenchantment ahead of time near the spawn point. If you just have nukers, SF and blast them away and any skeles. Once the 1 group is secured, you can move at your leisure, but you should take out the group up top in case they accidentally run into the reaper (it happened to me 1 time, never happened again, but it is possible).

Ice Wastes

  • Aggro and kill the skele in the opening hall. Have the tank absorb all the aggro from the first grp of smites and have them all stack right on top of each other. Use av/sv and echo SS to kill the smites and keep their energy at 0. If some break and attack the SS, walk backwards away from the rest of the battle and use Insidious Parasite. If the rest of the party is there, nuke the strays to death. Perma should be wanding the smites with SS hexed on them.
  • Clear everything near where the Frost King will spawn, and clear everything going up to the judgement hall. Once you have freed the reaper, wait for the vale team to finish and warp to you. For the quest, have everyone go up to where King Frozenwind will spawn. Have a tank take the quest and distract the group which moves toward the reaper. It is possible to make it so that the skeletons cannot hit you. Unfortunately, you will have to repeat this distraction twice. Hope that your team can quickly come to your aid. You may or may not die. Luck plays a huge part unfortunately. Kill the skeles as fast as possible, as their damage cannot be mitigated. After killing the first 2 groups, move toward your other tank's location. Kill the delayed spawn and then focus on helping your other tank. Skeles first, then dryders.
  • If you're successful, congratz. Now, warp back to the labyrinth. Make sure everyone is ready for Unwanted guests. The permas can tank 1 group of vengeful aatxes each. 6 on 1 will outkill spirit bond even with a 2 second recharge. Have the necro av one tank an sv the other.
  • The tanks should also the dryders and keeper. the main team should SS and nuke the keeper as quickly as possible to avoid wiping. If skeles are aggroed too, quickly dispatch them.

Once all the keepers and skeletons have been cleared, take the quest, and warp to the vale reaper. Kill all of the mindblades before safely escorting the souls to vale.

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