(Chamber Part 1)


Skeletons of Dhuum: They can be taken out if you are simply careful. This guide still functions the same for the most part, but simply adapt any new found tactics and the old ones to the areas in which skeletons exist!

When the perma is tanking the graspings and aatxes at the start of the chamber, all players should remain behind the ghost Benton, and the perma should be the one to take the quest. Wait for a signal from the perma to say he/she is ready.(He should be just at the top of one of the stairwells) Then ONE person WITH Shadowsong goes and places spirits within the aggro bubble in a wall going across the stairs. Once the last spirit is in place, the summoner should cast painful bond along with armor of unfeeling and then back away. (While this is happening, Vale Rits should take the path to the right and up the stairs leading towards the reaper like in a Sinway UWSC, killing enemies along the way with a retracting spirit wall which will be explained further on.) The perma should attempt to wand whatever enemy is being struck by spirits in order to avoid aggro breaking onto spirits. Shadowsong makes enemies blind, but it is not fullproof, so do not throw caution to the wind. Note: as long as spirits are beyond shout range (or about 1/3 of a radar circle apart) two of the same spirit can remain active, thus allowing the vale rits to move with ease.

Once the first room is complete, 4 of the mountain ritualists begin moving towards the mountains, killing enemies along the way. The perma pulls all enemies from inside the reaper room (including the side hall patrols) into the center hallway and wall tricks them. (pull alongside right wall so that enemies are in a straight line in front of you, then take a small step off the wall. The melee enemies shouldn't be able to move, but this is not a fullproof technique.) The one mountain rit (who should have been selected prior to entering the Underworld) casts spirits in a loose clump on the same wall as the perma and hexes aatxes/graspings. Once dead, the perma shall lure the dryders back even further so the spirits may kill them(and any nightmares left). With the reaper popped, the perma now asks the vale team if their area has been cleared of all but the 1st group of graspings and that they are a safe distance away from the reaper statue. If the answer is yes, take restore. By now, the mountain rits should be 1/2 way done in the mountains going toward the chaos plains. Chamber perma moves on to handle the wastes, and the last remaining ritualist can go assist vale, run up the mountains, or sit and chill for a few.

(Vale Part 1)

Note:This team in conjunction with the perma will have the greatest deal of work to do out of all the team members, covering FOUR areas and six quests. The Mountains team simply has the farthest distance to travel. After perma has taken aggro in 1st room, the two vale rits(or 1 with a small or VERY experienced team) go up the right stairs, killing aatxes, before continuing up the right hallway and up the stairs on the left. Use a "retracting spirit wall" to maintain optimal defense as well as high attack power by having both partners replace spirits with their own copy as they die, creating a new line, and moving behind this line every time, using the spirits as a shield. If one or both are using the Shadowsong Variant, this should not prove challenging. (It shouldn't anyway if you have practiced with your partner or have used the spirit spammer strategy in the past) Once the perma has the reaper room aggro pulled back into the hallway, cross behind the dryders into the vale hallway. Depending on timing, there may be 2 or four aatxes to fight in the room. use the retracting wall strategy here as well. Move on to the vale. The most forward group of graspings may be making their 1-time patrol. Simply wait back under the arch for them to settle, and then go away from them as you enter the vale, avoiding them as a failsafe in case rescuing the spawned spirits fails. (If this is your first time, it is highly reccommended. Vale-savvy people will know EXACTLY where to place spirits in order to kill the enemy spawns in time to save the friendlies without fail)

Clear the second and third groups of graspings, and then move onto the coldfire patrols which could hinder future movement and wall retreat. By now, the perma and mtn rit should be done and asking for the "all clear" response to their question of "Ready?" "Done?" "All clear?"... Make sure you are at least an aggro circle and a half away from the reaper statue when u respond yes or all clear. Kill the dryders by using a spread-out spirit wall so that aoe spikes don't destroy all the spirits at once, thus leaving you totally vulnerable. Use the retraction method if the dryders do not die quickly. It is best to set up one set of spirits close to the friendly ghosts walking around nearby before taking the quest, but do not place Disenchantment and Armor of Unfeeling until you see the enemies pop up, because this spirit should be slightly behind all the others and must be maintained at all costs to keep the overall damage of the enemy low if not virtually zero. If you die, it doesn't matter much because there are no consumables running out and the quest can't be failed if you kept the one group of graspings alive. While you were doing this, the perma should have cleared almost if NOT everything in the ice wastes except the quest and should now be returning to help with escort. Mtn team should be partway into the Chaos plains by this point as well.

(Mountains Part 1)

The Mountains team is comprised of 4 (possibly 5 later) Signet of Spirit/Signet of Ghostly Might Ritualists. Using the retracting wall method described earlier, the four shall use spirits to defeat the aatxes, graspings, and nightmares leading to the beginning of the Mountains. Once you stand in front of the Obsidian Behemoths, decide who shall begin the attack, and the order of who replaces other people's spirits. Summon your spirits just outside of aggro range. Then cast Armor of Unfeeling followed by hexing the Behemoths. Chances are you will get attacked, so swerve as you retreat to avoid the missiles. The reason everyone uses Rebirth is because of high risk of death in these situations. One person could bring a protective spirit in place of rebirth, but it would be best for this person to be carrying 2-4 scrolls of ressurrection just in case. Once the first group is dead, designate one person to use signet of spirits to trip traps safely, or designate the order since there are MANY traps. Stand just before a Behemoth corpse before hitting the signet. One unlucky spirit trips one set and dies. This will seem like a slow process, but the vale team has a ton to do as well. Make sure all traps have been disabled before moving forward.

When you have defeated the first 4 groups of Behemoths, you are faced with a decision to go right or left. Left means less Behemoths, but 2 groups of Charged Blacknesses, and right means 3 extra groups of Behemoths and still one group of Charged Blacknesses. When fighting Blacknesses, set up spirits right outside aggro range in a spread-out line so aoe will not destroy them all easily. Cast Armor of Unfeeling before hexing with Painful Bond and running outside of casting range. Note: you can use a flatbow or longbow to pull the Blacknesses and then hex. You could place Bloodsong right where you stand for bow pull so that Blacknesses abandon chasing you and go after your spirit before you cast Painful bond and then run behind the rest of your wall. When Bloodsong dies forward of the other spirits which should now be attacking, it should be replaced instantly by another Mountains Rit. If one round of spirits is not enough to kill the Charged Blacknesses, have one of the other Rits summon a brand new wall and hex. This should finish them off unless you had 4 in one group. Keep using the retracting wall as needed. Proceed and kill ALL enemies surrounding the entrance to the Chaos Plains. You will want the extra running space.

(Wastes Part 1)

Perma should make his/her way to the entrance of the Ice Wastes before reapplying Shadow Form and running in. Avoid bodyblock at all costs until you get Coldfire aggro. Take the group of Smites from the entrance to the second group ahead along with 2-3 patrols of Coldfire Nights. Reapply SF before using Glyph of Lesser Energy before casting Earth Attunement and Stoneflesh Aura followed by Sliver Armor. You will probably take damage from Zealot's Fire, but worry not. After reapplying SF, cast GOLE, Stoneflesh Aura, Sliver Armor, and Feigned Neutrality. Once all these Smites are dead, take what Coldfires will follow up to where the Ice King spawns. Use the same method to kill the Smites AND the Coldfires here. Now move to the lower level, aggroing 3 groups of Smites, the Dryders, and any Coldfires you can get your hands on. Destroy everything, not leaving Dryders last. If the Vale team calls you back before you are done, you go anyway to help with Escort of Souls.

(Chaos Plains)

This is where absolute focus and teamwork must be maintained. Spawning Mindblades at the wrong time can cause a wipe easily. One person should be designated to take down the first Dream Rider. Cast spirits just outside aggro(if you aggro wailing lords don't panic. They suck at fighting.) and cast Armor of Unfeeling before hexing the Rider. The Rit should run back to join the rest of the party back at the entrance to the stairwell(all the way back in the Mountains). When the Dream Rider falls, 3 Mindblades will spawn and move to its location. an individual will place spirits just outside aggro range and cast Armor of Unfeeling, but do not hex Mindblades. Hex Breaker on HM can easily wipe a character of health instantly. Wand once and run like Hell back to your comrades. If you do not have superior runes or are not of max sunspear, the first 3 Mindblades may take 2 rounds to kill. Patience is key in dealing with the 6 and 9 spawns, and remember that the location is sporadic. Only after the last nine have been downed should the rest of the party move into the chaos plains. If no one has died, you're experienced as all get out and the mindblades went right to the spirits without keeping on you, Kudos.

Now the four(or five if the extra from the Chamber has arrived yet, if he does,) split into 2 groups and each take 1/2 of the Chaos Plains until they converge on the Reaper's location.Note: it is best to kill 1 Dream Rider at a time and one pack of Spectres at a time. You do not wanna be fighting a group of three and have six suddenly appear on top of you. The Chaos Plains are unpredictable that way, so never be without spirits nearby. Once both teams have made it to the edges of the reaper plateau, decide who will do the sensitive aggro. 1 false step will mean dryders die on spirits, meaning mindblades will murder the reaper and all will be kicked out. Once all 18 Mindblades are dust/residue/ecto, kill the Dryders and get teams positioned where permas would be for Four Horsemen. Once both sides have a set of spirits up, the 1 rit takes the quest and returns to his/her partner's side. Keep the walls of spirits moving back as slowly as possible, and keep the spirits spread out until the dryders are gone. The Riders themselves pose little threat by comparison. If you are getting dangerously close to the reaper, consider going in a semicircle so that u don't have to go backward anymore. (If you get pushed back to the reaper tho, you either didn't keep spirits spread out, or you just plain suck.) Keep very synchronized with your reapplyment of spirits. When Pain dies, go slightly behind where it was and place it. Spirits are tough, even against Terrorwebs, and the energy of the enemy will drain along with their numbers. Remember to res ur comrade if he dies, but if it is too risky and YOU might die, just keep the spirit wall going as best you can. Summoning spirits around the reaper is a good tactic, because he can fight too. One Dryder (or two if they have been weakened) will not be able to kill him. A rider alone also cannot withstand a reaper's onslaught surprisingly. When combined with spirits, the reaper has a good defense too. Using Wanderlust will greatly increase your defense as well, because something is getting knocked down every second or two. If that's one Terrorweb out of comission, thats one enemy closer to victory, but only one rit per 2-man-team should be using this variant build.

(Vale Part 2)

Vale Rits should go to reaper as perma gets into position to pull the vale mindblades down into the antechamber. When he/she signals "ready," take the quest escort of souls and wait until the perma pulls all mindblades behind the pillar either in the left-center or back-left corner and gives the signal. Walk backwards to avoid having the souls break off and attempt to go to the perma, because this will result in loss of spirits to mindblades and get you kicked from the underworld. At least 1 if not both vale rits should be escorting. 2 means that unless you get within 1/2 an aggro circle of perma, the souls are going nowhere. If only 1 is escorting, wait for him/her to get spirits into the far stairwell before the second vale rit (or mtns if he/she did not leave to catch up with mtn and beyond team) comes down and summons spirits to help kill mindblades. REMEMBER! Do not attempt to hex mindblades due to hexbreaker. You do not have the health to counter it beyond 4 or 5. Simply place spirits just outside aggro range of the mindblades where you have Line of Sight, move forward, wand once, and move an aggro circle away from ur spirits. You can also have the perma walk the mindblades into your spirits if you place them in the center of the room while you are an aggro circle away for safety precautions. (1/2 way up the stairwell to the reaper is optimal so that if one spectre makes a freak break for you, with no apparent reason in most cases, you can use signet of spirits to block the entire stairway as you make an escape. The 3 spirits form a complete wall by themselves if you were standing in the center between the walls. Summon vampirism if your health gets too low and a mindblade is still following you. Having max Sunspear Rank, and Boon of Creation if the enemy is far away (Shatter Enchantment= super high dmg) will help keep you alive.

(Chamber Part 2)

Once Escort has been completed, the perma goes back to the 1st room of the chamber. There will be Mindblades here as well, so keep up SF. Once in position for the spawn of the Keeper of Souls, signal ready to the vale rits. Take Unwanted Guests, and the perma should use sliver armor to quickly take out the 1st Keeper. The Vengeful Aatxes should not aggro if you were close enough to the left stairwell. If they did, you are gonna have to travel a ways to make them break aggro and die. Now move on to the Keeper sitting in the archway. Pull him towards the stairwell behind you so that you don't lose the first 3 Dryders (and the Mindblades if you're lucky) sliver it to death. If the new three dryders begin attacking you when you find the second Keeper, AWESOME! If not, wait until they come to you, then pull them up the stairs to the third Keeper. This one may have an Aatxe dangerously close, it may not. Use a longbow/flatbow to pull this keeper if you wish. He may not pull very far, but he should make it almost to the archway. Use sliver armor to kill it, then have the vale rits come down what is their leftmost hallway facing away from the reaper. ONE should get within aggro range of the dryders closest to him/her and summon the spirits in a loose wall before hexing the Dryders, casting Armor of Unfeeling, and moving WAAAAYY back. If the perma wands the Dryder under attack, it shouldn't switch targets, but one must remain on their toes in the Underworld. Continue until the nine Dryders (and the Mindblades if perma was perfect) are dead. Remember to switch out the Vale Rits as the spirits run out.

(Wastes Part 2)

Now the perma and company move toward the Ice Wastes. One or two patrols of coldfires may still be alive on the way toward the Ice King area, so be wary and destroy what you need to. One Rit should stand up by the reaper as the perma gets into position to absorb Dryder aggro. The other should go on the FAR side of one of the paths to the Ice King. If patrols are a threat, kill them. Take the quest when ready, and let the perma ball up the Dryders. The reaper Rit should go to the back corner of the mountain wall behind him to make sure there is no freaky aggro break, and ensure defense of the reaper in case there still is. The Rit who was on the far side of an Ice King path should place spirits in a spread out line right on the line of aggro, cast Armor of Unfeeling, and hex quickly before running back to his/her post. The second spawn of Dryders should be four seconds after the Rit leaves if done correctly. You can try to be safe about it and not try to place spirits until after second spawn. Keep this process going until all dryders are dead.

(Bone Pits)

If your people are new to this style, then send 2 Rits to the Bone Pits. The hexing in the Bone Pits is insane, but the upside is that EVERYTHING moves, meaning you can get aggro onto spirits without doing anything yourself. The bridge is the only real place of danger if you know how to maintain your spirits in the retraction method. You will come close to death many times but narrowly avoid it as long as you sidestep the Threshers' projectiles which hit for 70s on average. Vampirism can heal through your hexes along with Boon of Creation. It is best that the person(if any) who brought the Summon Spirits Variant did this particular area due to the extra healing and greater versatility in harsh conditions.

Once you have cleared all dangerous patrols which could kill your spirits on the way to the reaper, carefully ascend the hill, killing Dead Collectors and Threshers along the way. Kill the ones behind the statue as well before killing the Dryders. Pick up the quest and head toward the bridge. If Terrorwebs beat you there and are approaching, summon spirits in a spread wall like usual and hex. With the proper placement and skill, one can kill a group of Dryders before the next one arrives. Six on one spells death for single Rits, so always bring two if you doubt yourself. when quest is done, either join the Pools Team or Join the perma and company in Demon Assassin.

(Spawning Pools)

You may have 2-4 Rits depending on team structure, experience, and timing, but keep in mind that Spawning Pools is the single hardest area to complete with a Spirit Spammer build apart from the nearly impossible Ice Wastes Note:the quest for Ice Wastes IS impossible to do alone with one Spirit Rit. You need at least one other Spirit Spammer if not a 55,330,130,Obby Tank, or perma. Always keep the spirit walls full and spread. Due to the strange patrol style, MASSIVE aoe spikes, and agonyzingly slow walking in the tar, the death risk rises a lot here.

Clear everything up to the reaper Dryders. This will take careful planning to do properly. You WILL end up killing the 3 reaper Dryders before the others, but if you time the kill with reapplying spirits on the stairs leading to the rogue Dryders, the reaper should never even have a chance to aggro. Killing the Queen and her guards is very easy, just use spread spirit wall and lure her big butt out of there with a hex. Killing her guards may prove to be a challenge, but if Demon assassin has been completed already, everyone can teleport down to the chamber to kill the remaining two Keepers of Souls and claim the end chest.

(Mountains Part 2)

With the perma leading, the team should head towards the mountain reaper, killing 1 more Keeper of Souls along the way. The path will be full of enemies because the original 4-5 cleared only to the chaos plains. The perma should absorb aggro from Obsidian Behemoths before one of the Rits places spirits just within aggro range, hexes, and casts Armor of Unfeeling before walking back and/or dodging missiles.(Have the perma use the Stoneflesh+Feigned Neutrality combo to trip traps safely.) With the case of Charged Blacknesses, spirits should be preset before the perma gets aggro and casts Stoneflesh + Sliver Armor. Try to avoid getting shocked right before SF recast. If the perma gets heavily injured while the spirits hack away at the Blacknesses, he/she should use Feigned Neutrality to further reduce damage and provide some temporary healing.

When the team arrives at the reaper, the situation becomes intimidating. Do not fear. Kill all Obsidian Behemoths outside the peak before having the perma alone go inside between the Dryders and the Behemoths. Once maintainable aggro has been assured, have ONE Rit also go inside between the two sets of enemies. If one has the Summon Spirits Variant, have that person do it and then run right back out. Since there are five to eight Behemoths usually, this process will be tedious and slow, but killing the dryders too early before the perma has Behemoth aggro is a recipe for disaster. Once all are dead, the perma will begin going down to the quest area with a Rit following. The other shall take the quest and then follow while remaining at least 1 aggro circle behind the Rit currently fighting. The Slayer should die long before his entourage of Keepers arrive. Kill them as well before joining the remainder of your team down in the chamber to kill the final 2 Keepers and claiming your chest.

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