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[[Build:Team - UWSC Ritway]]
[[Build:Team - UW Spirit Teams]]
[[User:Innoruuk/uwsc_walkthrough|UWSC Ritway Walkthrough]]
[[User:Innoruuk/uwsc_walkthrough|UWSC Ritway Walkthrough]]

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Build:Team - UW Spirit Teams

UWSC Ritway Walkthrough

I'm turning sixteen November 17, I love Guild Wars, and I like finding creative ways around problems.

Use the build above for a fun little experiment (read the guide, cause otherwise people will rage because they don't know what they're doing. I know it's long, but at least it is easy to follow and step-by-step) and clearing the entire Underworld on something other than a perma team.

This build below is my newest creation. I need help: getting eligible PVX voters to co-test with me and evaluate. Post your in-game char name, when you'll be on, and what build you can run on my talk page. Please and thank you.

Build:Team - DoA Xinway

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