Is GvG getting stale? Tired of the same old builds time and time again?

Now there's a cure!

Find a team of like-minded friends, uninstall Ventrilo, and play retarded builds!

Headbutt warrior? Sure thing! Life Transfer ranger? Why not! Minion Bomber? Join right up, comrade!

There's nothing like the thrill of realizing you're all on your own as eight trained, hardened gamers bear down on you with hate in their hearts and murder on their minds! Scatter, little mice, and hide deep in your holes!

Forget strategy, that's for nerds! Eight-man ganks right out of the gate! Running flags? There's no fun in that! Roll up a Hammer Assassin and put the fear of God into those NPCs!

Watch as you roll your way to victory! OR DEATH, ha ha ha!

And remember, no monks allowed!

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