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Weeee 7 heroes gogo.


Panic Mistrust Unnatural Signet Chaos Storm Drain Enchantment Waste Not, Want Not Spirit Light PwK


Ineptitude Wandering Eye Clumsiness Signet of Clumsiness Accumulated Pain Arcane Conundrum Waste Not, Want Not Power Drain


Signet of Spirits Ancestor's Rage Splinter Weapon Spirit Siphon Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light PwK Flesh of My Flesh


Ancestor's Rage Splinter Weapon Shield of Absorption Aegis Empathic Removal Bloodsong Spirit Siphon Flesh of My Flesh


Signet of Ghostly Might Pain Shadowsong Anguish Disenchantment Castigation Signet Strength of Honor Boon of Creation


Aura of the Lich Animate Bone Minions Death Nova Putrid Bile Shield of Absorption Protective Spirit Aegis Masochism


Optional Enfeebling Blood Shadow of Fear Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light Protective was Kaolai Signet of Lost Souls Flesh of My Flesh

Divine Boon for Strength of Honor on the Mo/Me and Protective Spirit for Splinter Weapon on the Rt/Mo if using a caster.

Life's strong edit:

  • I don't really like that inept bar, but can't think of anything better. Might want to fit a copy of fall back in there somewhere too. N/Rt elite would probably end up being corrupt/PoD. Life Guardian 04:43, October 19, 2010 (UTC)
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