This Page is for a page of links to viable skills to use against Mallyx and facts on the big dirty ape

The Ape

Mallyx the Unyielding

Viable Skills by Type

Conditions, Hexes, Enchanments, and stances are not viable due to skills of Mallyx and as such any skills causing them are not viable. Any skills in the lists below that cause condtions or hexes upon Mallyx or are stances and enchantments cast upon yourself or teammates not viable.

Skill Skill type

Shout Skill type

Chant Skill type

Refrain Skill type

Echo Skill type

Destroy Spirit Skill type

Binding Ritual Skill type

Nature Ritual Skill type

Ward Skill type

Weapon Skill type

Well Skill type

Signet Skill type

PvE Skills

Note that this is an incomplete list but contains just about all of the skill types from which the party's defensive choices can be made. Choosing damage skills is pretty self explanatory and therefore were not linked. Make sure that any skills used to do damage to Mallyx do not cause any of the effects stated earlier and they will be fine.

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