This build is designed for DE's LAME Build Contest. This build works best in Random Arenas.

Based around the Elite skill Seeping Wound, this build allows the user to hex the target, and within three seconds, have the target suffering from -10 pips of health degeneration, plus Deep Wound. The rest of the build's skill bar is designed to keep the user alive in a fight, and to hinder foes attempting to heal the target.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Assassin/Necromancer Dagger=10+1+2 Critic=11+2 Shadow=6+1 Bloodm=8][Seeping Wound][Black Spider Strike][Twisting Fangs] [Shadow Walk][Dark Escape][Feigned Neutrality][Mark of Subversion][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Shadow Walk and Dark Escape can be removed in favor of Siphon Speed, which not only works as a snare, but doubles as a cover hex for your important stuff. Your extra skill slot is left open for one of the optionals, below.
  • If condition removal is needed, Signet of Malice is very effective, as your target will usually have three conditions on them. Plague Touch is also useful; while it only removes one condition at a time, it's your best bet for removing Blind.
  • Strip Enchantment is a great way to add even more pressure to a target, allowing you to rip off defensive enchantments and gain health as well.



Your best targets for this build will be those with Hex removal spells, and/or Condition removal spells. Monks are always a priority to remove from the battlefield; Mesmers are also good targets. After finding your target, cast Seeping Wound on them, and then Mark of Subversion. Make sure to call your target as you cast Seeping Wound; don't rely on the degeneration alone to kill the foe, when you've got teammates.
Follow up quickly with Shadow Walk, then Black Spider Strike and Twisting Fangs. If the target is one with Hex removal, they will trigger Mark of Subversion and damage themselves; but if you can't manage to land your chain before they finally manage to remove Seeping Wound, this will stop your attack chain as well, so don't take your time.
Once you've applied your conditions, stay with the target to continue pressure. If you begin to take pressure yourself, try to hold out a bit; once your health hits about 50%, use Dark Escape to remove yourself from the battle, and follow up with Feigned Neutrality. You'll have a speed boost, health regen, and a hefty damage reduction, but only for a short amount of time; the Assassin that fights and runs away lives to fight another day, so haul ass.

Remember that Mark of Subversion does triple-duty here:

  • On the target, it prevents them from removing Seeping Wound on their own.
  • When cast on a team's healer, you can take advantage of the healer's slight downtime to finish your chain on a different foe.
  • On the target, it can also be used as the enabler-hex for Black Spider Strike, in the case that Seeping Wound isn't recharged, or if Seeping Wound gets removed via some other means.


  • Hefty Hex removal is a problem for this build; while it's expected opposition, and this build carries counters, too much will still go through and possibly shut you down.
  • Condition removal is also a problem, if your foe can manage to remove all three conditions quickly enough.


Switching to A/Me allows you to use Shame instead of Mark of Subversion. The energy loss can be just as deadly to a healer and their team, if not more deadly. Using a Mesmer secondary also gives you access to skills like Fragility and Epidemic (the latter of which can be devastating to a tightly-packed team).

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