PVE and RA is my life! PvE on this site has gotten pretty bad... lol



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This user plays both PvE & PvP.

Ranger-icon This user is a Ranger by nature.


Favorite Builds

  • Warrior-icon-smallIndigo Terents
Dragon Slash Brawling Headbutt Steelfang Slash "Save Yourselves!" "For Great Justice!" Flail Enraging Charge Rebirth
  • Warrior-icon-smallJmai San Otan
Eviscerate Executioner's Strike Disrupting Chop Shock Bull's Strike Frenzy Rush Resurrection Signet
  • Ranger-icon-smallGenadia Finera
Keen Arrow Hunter's Shot Savage Shot Distracting Shot Flail Glass Arrows Favorable Winds Resurrection Signet
  • Dervish-icon-smallRashana Otan
Eremite's Attack Chilling Victory Reaper's Sweep "Save Yourselves!" Optional Flail Zealous Renewal Resurrection Signet
  • Ritualist-icon-smallRatana Otan
Boon of Creation Explosive Growth Animate Bone Minions Animate Flesh Golem Death Nova Blood of the Master Signet of Creation Flesh of My Flesh
  • Assassin-icon-smallFan Sha Oama
Hidden Caltrops Flail Black Mantis Thrust Jungle Strike Trampling Ox Falling Lotus Strike Twisting Fangs Resurrection Signet
  • Monk-icon-smallCai Otan
Dwayna's Kiss Ethereal Light Dismiss Condition Shield of Absorption Heal Party Glyph of Lesser Energy Healer's Boon Resurrection Chant

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