HA Build

There is about a 100% chance that we will never run this in HA. I'm posting it anyway though cuz I'm bored.

Flail Earth Shaker Crushing Blow Hammer Bash Bull's Strike Song of Concentration Enraging Charge Resurrection Signet
Dismember Power Attack Protector's Strike Bull's Strike Frenzy Dash Warrior's Endurance Resurrection Signet
Burning Arrow Hunter's Shot Savage Shot Distracting Shot Read the Wind Flail Pin Down Resurrection Signet
Destructive Was Glaive Channeled Strike Warmonger's Weapon Weapon of Warding Glyph of Lesser Energy Ward Against Foes Grasping Earth Death Pact Signet
Offering of Spirit Channeled Strike Warmonger's Weapon Weapon of Warding Protective Was Kaolai Life "Make Haste!" Death Pact Signet
Peace and Harmony Divine Healing Heaven's Delight Deny Hexes Draw Conditions Weaken Armor Rend Enchantments Resurrection Signet
Reversal of Fortune Spirit Bond Restore Condition Guardian Shield of Absorption Holy Veil Aura of Stability Channeling
Infuse Health Patient Spirit Dwayna's Kiss Heal Party Holy Veil Hex Breaker Healer's Boon Channeling


Earth Shaker

[build prof=w/p hammer=12+1 str=12+1+1][Flail][Earth Shaker][Crushing Blow][Hammer Bash][bull's strike][song of concentration][enraging charge][res sig][/build]

WE Warrior

[build prof=w/a axe=12+1 str=12+1+1][dismember][Power Attack][Protector's Strike][bull's strike][Frenzy][Dash][Warrior's Endurance][res sig][/build]

Turret Ranger

[build prof=R/W Marksmanship=12+2 Expertise=12+1+1][Burning Arrow][Hunter's Shot][Savage Shot][Distracting Shot][Read the Wind][Flail][Pin Down][Resurrection Signet][/build] Pin Down can be replaced with Lightning Reflexes for block stance + ias

Destructive Spiker

[build prof=ritua/e channe=12+1+2 earthm=8 resto=10+1][Destructive Was Glaive][Channeled Strike][Warmonger's Weapon][weapon of Warding][glyph of Lesser Energy][ward Against Foes][grasping Earth][death Pact Signet][/build]

OOS Support

[build prof=Ritualist/Paragon ChannelingMagic=12+1+2 RestorationMagic=10+1 Command=8][Offering of Spirit][Channeled Strike][Warmonger's Weapon][Weapon of Warding][Protective was Kaolai][Life]["Make Haste!"][Death Pact Signet][/build]


[build prof=N/E Curses=12 Divine=12+1+1 Protection=3][Peace and Harmony][Heaven's Delight][Divine Healing][Deny Hexes][Draw Conditions][Weaken Armor][Rend Enchantments][Res Sig][/build]

RC Monk

[build prof=monk/mesme protec=12+1+1 divine=11+1 insp=6][reversal of fortune][spirit bond][restore condition][guardian][shield of absorption][holy veil][aura of stability][channeling][/build]

HB Monk

[build prof=monk/mes healing=12+1+1 divin=11+1 insp=6][infuse health][patient spirit][dwayna's kiss][heal party][Holy Veil][Hex breaker][healer's boon][channeling][/build]


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