Wurm Killers

Build being worked on to run FB (aka wurm central). This dungeon contains the most dungeon specific items in the game. Items of note include the Bonecage Scythe and the Silverwing Recurve Bow which are amongst the most valuable items in the game.


[build prof=Monk/Mesmer DivineFavor=12+1+1 ProtectionPrayers=12+2 Curses=3][Shield of Absorption][Spirit Bond][Protective Spirit][Spell breaker][Rip Enchantment]["I am unstoppable"][Essence Bond][Blessed Aura][/build]

Standard Smiter

[build prof=Monk/Necromancer SmitingPrayers=12+3+1 ProtectionPrayers=12+3 DivineFavor=3][Unyielding Aura][Blessed Signet][Vital Blessing][Holy Wrath][Retribution][Balthazar's Spirit][Purge Signet][Blood Ritual][/build]

Contagion Bomber

[build prof=Necromancer/Assassin DeathMagic=12+3+1 BloodMagic=12+1 SoulReaping=3][Contagion][Dark Aura][Death Nova][Demonic Flesh]["I am unstoppable"][Shadow Walk][Signet of Agony][Wallow's Bite][/build]

When approaching a group of incubi, smiter will drop all enchants on the 600. Necro will cast all his enchants. Once all necro enchants are on, smiter and 600 will cast their maintainable enchants on top of the necro's enchants (first enchant cast should be vital blessing). Depending on the size of group more enchants will be cast on the necro before he shadow steps in. The number enchants should be such that vital blessing remains on the necro once all enchants are stripped. This combo will deal approximately 750 aoe dmg total which should kill atleast 3, if not all incubi in a mob. Unfortunately this build can not be run with heroes as they are completely retarded and run away from the target once they shadow step in. If not all incubi are dead then the smiter will simply use unyielding aura on the necro and the process will be repeated. This should kill all incubi relatively quickly.

Note: This is a walkthrough of spawns in the dungeon. I mapped this out in NM. I am hoping the spawns are the same for both NM and HM. A human smiter is highly recommended. Necro or smiter should be party leader so that the norn follow him and not the 600. It is not recommended that you kill the stalgmites as A) they provide you with spirits and B) they deal very little dmg and will not pose a threat to anyone.

First Room

Very small room. Lots of spawns of young frost wurms and wurm larvae. 1 frost siege wurm in the middle of the room. Chromatic drakes and avalanches infest the main part of the room. In order to open door at the end of the level must kill 2 frost wurm which spawn there. It is recommended that all characters remain at the entrance for the duration of the clear of this room as spawns can be unpredictable. It may be possible for the 600 to simply run to the door and kill the 2 wurms guarding it. This will be difficult to do due to snares but I think it can be done. No incubi in this room.

Second Room

Take door on the left. 2 avalanche guard the door and a group with 1 frost wurm and 2 larvae will spawn. These must be killed to open the door. A frost siege wurm guards the next section. Every1 except 600 should hide behind wall until the siege wurm is dead. There is 1 frost wurm that will spawn between the door and the siege wurm. Hang a left through the door. In this room is a frost siege wurm and a spawn of 3 frost wurms and 1 frostmaw spawn. These must be killed in order to open the next door. Now it is the necro's turn. On the other side of the door is a very large group of stormcloud incubi. These incubi spawn in a group of 10!!! and spawn in a line rather than a cluster. It will likely take then necro 3 runs in to kill all of the incubi. Guarding the door to level 3 are a spawn of jotuns (with shame and vor) as well as a frost siege wurm and 2 frozen elementals. The door will open once the frost siege wurm is dead.

Third Room

This is the longest room in the dungeon but also the most straightforward. Great care has to be taken around spawns. When u first come through the door you will see a frost wurm and 2 spawns of whirling wisps. Wisps can be dispatched quickly or simply avoided. When you approach the frost wurm, 5 young frost wurms will spawn therefore IAU should be up while engaging the frost wurm. Shortly after that (about when you confront the second group of whirling wisps), a group with 3 frost wurms and 1 frostspawn maw will spawn (which btw fucking raped my group while I was attacking the wisps). Care should be taken in this part of the dungeon so as to be prepared for the spawn. This group is especially dangerous because they will go as far back as the res shrine where you will respawn. Therefore if 600 dies then gg. After killing the wurms there will be groups of wisps, ice imps, frozen elementals and incubi. Some of these groups can be avoided. Others will have to be killed by the necro. Up ahead is another frost wurm sticking out of the ground. As with the last frost wurm 5 young frost wurms will spawn at the frostwurms location.(Have IAU up). Immediately after killing the frostwurm a spawn of 7 stormcloud incubi will spawn at the junction. It is recommended to go left at this juncture so as to avoid a group of incubi which will spawn within a group of wisps. Up ahead there is a frost wurm (again 5 youg frost wurms will spawn). Immediately after the frost wurm is a spawn of 3 frostwurms and 1 frostspawn maw. Try not to trigger the res shrine because if the 600 is killed then the wurms will wipe the party repeatedly. Go through the tunnel. This is where shit hits the fan. Extremely careful aggro will need to be needed and this will probably take us several attempts to get it right. There is a junction at the end of the tunnel. Both directions lead to disaster if extreme caution isn't taken. 7 incubi will spawn at almost the exact same spot as 3 wurms and a wurm boss. It is unclear which will spawn first exactly so further testing is required. Also there are patrolling incubi which can be avoided or killed as chosen. Once all groups are cleared from this room move onto the last room on the level. Inside are groups of wisps, frozen elementals and ice imps. 1 Frost wurm and a group of 3 patrolling incubi. The incubi and frost wurm can be avoided by the groups of wisps and elementals back to the door. This will also make fighting the frostmaw spawn group that will spawn much easier. Once the frostmaw is dead a snowball will roll into the barricade guarding the door and you can pass through onto level 4. After completing this level I realize it's gonna fucking suck the first time through.

Level 4

The first room will be tricky Upon entering level 3 there is a group of mandragor, a patrolling group of incubi and 1 frost siege wurm. A frostmaw spawn will spawn once you move into the room. Everyone should stay as close to the door as possible until the frostmaw is killed. I recommend that the necro kill the incubi when they come close since the incubi are so dangerous in a confined space. They move very close together so they should be able to be killed in one go. After the incubi are dead move the 600 will aggro the mandragor (and likely the frostmaw at the same time). Mandragor are relatively easy to kill with sb up so this should not present a problem. Kill the siege wurm and move onto the next room. In this room are mandragor, patrolling incubi and icy stalagmites as well as several frost wurms which will spawn. 600 pulls first group of mandragor to the door to avoid the incubi. Necro kills incubi. 600 proceeds as usual watching for frost wurms spawning. Note:It is possible that the frostwurms that spawn are linked to the stalagmites as they appear to spawn near those groups. Cross the bridge, kill the mandragor get ready for next room. This room has 2 siege frost wurms which can be ignored, a group of mandragor and a group of icy stalagmites. A frost wurm will spawn when u approach the stalagmites. Move onto next room. This room has 3 frost wurms which will need to be killed to allow the squishies to run past. Also there is 1 group of mandragor. Beyond the siege wurms are a group of 5 patrolling incubi and a large group of jotuns. Incubi may be avoidable while the jotun block the entrance to level 5. While fighting the jotuns 3 frost wurms and a frostmaw spawn will spawn. If you haven't kill the stalagmites then you have qz up which will help alot. Once frostmaw spawn is dead the door will open to level 5.

Level 5

From what I've read there is a secret switch that makes this level considerably easier. I didn't have lod with me when I ran this so I can't testify to that. But this level is extremely short anyway. When you first get there you have to kill 3 young frost wurms before any other monsters will spawn. I recommend killing the farthest wurm first so that you are as close to the cave as possible when you fight the kinslayer. Once that happens 3 frost siege wurms will spawn immediately followed by frostmaw the kinslayer and 2 frostmaw spawns. I recommend dealing with the frostmaws before moving onto the siege wurms. The 600 has to remove dark apostasy from the kinslayer whenever he has it on or the 600 will get raped to shit. All in all this should be the easiest part of the dungeon. It will probably take a long time though due to the fact that the kinslayer has a very large amount of health.


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