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Vekk and Jora inked by Kammorremae

Kammorremae and his wife.

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Way of the Master Running Critical Defense on an Assassin when fighting your guildie's Warrior doesn't make you a leet PvPer. Ever.
CORTEZ This user still plays Phantasy Star Online, a decade after it was published.
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Reasons I love my wife

"I can only equip one elite at a time? Gay."
"I can only run one preparation at a time? Gay."

-My wife, snubbing her nose at game balance.

"Um, I just saved Ascalon?"

-My wife, after killing all the Charr north of the wall with her first Proph character

"Can I has Kurzick armor AND cupcakes?"

-My wife, durring our marathon of Factions

"They should rename that skill 'bitch-move'."

-My wife, weighing in on the skill Heart of Shadow

"I'm Denicia, and this is my robot CORTEZ!"

-My wife, introducing the both of us in PSO

"If ridiculous was a substance you'd bathe in it."

-My wife, talking about me

"If you do that I'll be fucking pissed. Fucking with a capital 'FUCKING' pissed."'

-My wife, after I threatened to poke fun at a certain event that shall not be mentioned here.

That, and the hundreds of dollars worth of gaming paraphernalia that she has purchased for me on a whim.

Dear NCSoft/ANet

Dear NCSoft and,

Hi. You don't know me, but I play your games. While I may not possess as much skill as other players, my opinions tend to be stronger than theirs none the less. I'm really looking forward to Guild Wars 2 coming out, and in the hopes that you visit this wiki, and show interest in the players registered to it, I'm writing you this note, to share with you what I expect from GW2 (Be Advised: If I'm not pleased with E3 footage, I'll be mailing this in triplicate, weekly):

  • First thing: We've got to get rid of this radar, at least for purposes of World/Realm PvP. As useful as it is in PvE, and as well as it might help us coordiante in high-end organized PvP, the radar will ruin World PvP. The fix is simple, make it like the radar in CS:S. Enemies only display on it if the player or a players ally has seen the enemy player, and the enemy player only stays on radar for about 5 seconds after they break line of sight. This allows for more effective and thrilling raids, ambushes, retreats, and in general, isn't immersion breaking.

Do it for the bears.

  • Secondly: For the love of god(s), when a Norn "becomes the bear", let them keep their armor. The concept pictures you did of Jora and her brother were badass beyond anything else I'd seen from this game, but then when I actually played EotN, Norn turned out to be werebears (anorexic ones). Not cool. The loss of armor durring a transformation will make or break my choice to play a Norn in GW2, and if they can't keep their armor (asthetically), then I'll be forced to play Asuran Warriors. Sample build I'm thinking about running, in that event:
Knee Cutter Knee Cutter Knee Cutter Knee Cutter Knee Cutter Knee Cutter Knee Cutter Knee Cutter

  • Thirdly: All weapons should have one and two handed versions. Maybe that's just me, and honestly, it's just a preference, but I'd like two handed swords, and one handed hammers. I'm not asking for their skills to interchange, only to have the option. After all, my Asuran Warrior will look simply ridiculous with a two-handed hammer, but he'll look absolutely terrifying if I leap out from within a treestump brandishing a two-handed flaming sword. I should point out, my treestump trick won't work if you keep the current radar system, so please fix that one first.

Those are my big demands; I hope you'll have enough time to work them in. Trust me, everyone will be happier this way. I'd like to take a moment to thank you for the lack of Orcs and Elves in Guild Wars; Charr are much more badass, to the point where I can tolerate the Dwarves that still hangout in the Shiverpeaks (doesn't mean I'll stop killing them).

Sincerely, Kammorremae

PS: Please include treestumps in GW2

Defy Pain isn't a bad skill

Dear PvX,

Why do you hate Defy Pain? Forgive my ignorance/impertinence/whatever-ance, but it's not that bad of a skill. In fact, it's not really bad at all, it's actually quite useful. Not the end all be all of tanking skills, I'd never make that claim, but it offers astounding survivability with the only caveat of being an elite skill. It's maintainable without any effort, unstrippable, protects against all forms of attack (degen, physical damage, elemental damage, armor ignoring damage, life steal), and does not penalize the user. There are more powerful elite that can be used to tank, but not all of them are available to warriors. As such, Defy Pain strikes me as being a very good skill.

Well, riddle me this PvX. Build:W/any_PvE_Dragon_Slash_Warrior is vetted as a great build, and that's understandable. It protects the team, offers solid damage, and has all the Warrior amenities one would expect. What makes it so much better than Variant 2 listed below? Variant 2 offers the same "Save Yourselves!" spam, with more durability, but less damage. Before we start shitting bricks over losing the damage from Dragon Slash, think back to any single target Ranger or Ele build that's come down the pipe. It's been stomped on and mocked, ala "lol st dmg". So, why is it so vital that a warrior offer paltry single target damage, but other classes are mocked for doing the same? It's a pointless double standard, but I digress.

Dragon Slash, unlike Steelfang Slash or Lion’s Comfort, is self charging. Even though it costs a womping 10 adren, at a high enough swordsmanship, it charges itself halfway after every use, giving it a relative cost of 5 to 6 adren, during combat. However, Lion’s Comfort, while not self charging, generates almost as much adren by itself as D-Slash, while also healing the user. Variant 2 trades 6.33 DPS (+38 dmg every 6 seconds) for 19.33 HP a second healing/9.65 pips of regen (+116 HP every 6 seconds). Also, Variant 2 offers much more armor, DR, and HP for the tank, leaving the Monk/Rit with more energy to tend to the rest of the team.

Will a Defy Pain warrior out-tank an Obby-War? Or a Perma-Sin? No, but it makes for a good off-tank, allows a DPS based warrior to operate with relative ease. It offers great freedom of movement, better damage potential, and much easier use, than most other tanking builds. All I’m saying is that it’s relatively ignorant to vote down a build solely because of this elite, and I’d like to think that most of you aren’t ignorant.

Sincerely, Kammorremae

PS: I hate Perma-Sins

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