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This is my page for the projects I'm trying to help/work on. Feel free to help in any way or suggest ways I can improve upon these projects.

Build Packs


  • Danny has written a Python-based bot that I will run as often as I can to update the build packs.
  • I will be running the bot around once a week, and I'll try to run it every Friday. The bot isn't able to update the Meta Build Packs, or any of the packs that aren't in a category (HA, RA, etc. It can only do those), so if anyone wants to do them it would help out a lot.
  • You can help maintain our build packs here.

Keeping Skills Updated

  • Now that we know where our skill database is and can look at the skill changes, I want to keep on top of our skill bugs/changes.
  • The copy database is on our site and several admins have been working hard to keep it updated.


User Involvement

  • We have a bot and bot user account, but for the time being, there's not a lot we need it to do.


  • I want to learn more about gwBBcode (and gwshack), find out how much our site truly relies on it (a LOT, btw), and find out if alternatives would be possible.
  • I might talk to Poke and try to learn more about GW skill IDs and things like that. I seem to have only a basic knowledge of this stuff and would need to know a lot more.
  • gwBBcode is copyrighted, and although we have permission to use it we are limited simply because of its copyright. I want to looking for others interested in writing a different system that could be released under the GFDL 1.2.
  • This is probably just a pipe dream, but it'd be interesting to look into.

Image Tagging

  • There are over 1,000 uncategorized images that I need to get around to....eventually.
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