This build has been designed for Defiant Elements' Build Contest. It employs the use of the ostracized elite Peace and Harmony to fulfill the role of a flagrunner, with additional party support. It is intended for use in Guild versus Guild battles.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=monk/elem divinefavor=10+1+1 airmagic=10 protectionprayers=11+1][peace and harmony][mending touch][protective spirit][spirit bond][aegis][glyph of lesser energy][storm djinn's haste][pacifism][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Insignia: Survivor, or Blessed.
  • Runes: Superior Vigor, Minor Protection Prayers, Minor Divine Favor (on headpiece), Rune of Recovery, Rune of Vitae.
  • Weapon Set 1: High Energy Set
    • Energy +15/-1, HSR Prot Wand and Energy +15/-1, HCT Prot Off-hand
  • Weapon Set 2: Low Energy Set
    • Damage +15%/Energy -5 Spear and Armor +5/Energy -5 Off-hand (of an attribute whose requirement you do not meet), both of Fortitude.
  • Weapon Set 3:Standard
    • Energy +5 Spear of Enchanting and a HSR Prot Off-hand of Devotion or Fortitude.


  • Cast Peace and Harmony on all your team's Monks and Ritualists, including yourself. Refresh as necessary.
  • Obtain your team's flag, and run it to the stand. This is your primary task. Maintain Storm Djinn's Haste as long as necessary.
  • Assist your team via Protective Spirit, Spirit Bond, and Glyph of Lesser Energy + Aegis.
  • Use Mending Touch to remove conditions from yourself. Rarely will you be using this skill on your teammates.
  • Use Pacifism to shut down any combatants who try to impede your flag-running. Note that the casting of this spell will remove Peace and Harmony from yourself.


  • Dismiss Condition for Mending Touch, to allow you to better remove conditions from teammates.
  • Windborne Speed to assist teammates with kiting.
  • Grasping Earth may be used in place of Pacifism. It would not cause Peace and Harmony to end, but would require you to be much closer to your opponents.
  • Reversal of Fortune could be taken to help mitigate damage amongst your team.
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