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User:Krowman/P&H Flagger

Builds to Note


Wounding Strike Eremite's Attack Wild Blow Optional Harrier's Haste Harrier's Grasp Pious Restoration Resurrection Signet

[out][TALI] (Mirror of Disenchant)

Expel Hexes Vicious Attack Barbed Spear Anthem of Flame "Go for the Eyes!" Aggressive Refrain Optional Signet of Return

[TALI] (Optional = ?)

Auspicious Incantation Balthazar's Aura Mantra of Inscriptions Judge's Insight Signet of Removal Blessed Signet Optional Resurrection Signet

[EW] (Me/Rt?)

Migraine Mantra of Persistence Conjure Phantasm Signet of Humility Leech Signet Power Drain Optional Resurrection Signet


Power Drain Draw Conditions Hex Eater Vortex Diversion Shame Drain Enchantment Optional Resurrection Chant


Storm Djinn's Haste Mend Body and Soul Weapon of Remedy Vengeful Weapon Wielder's Boon Weapon of Warding Renewing Memories Wielder's Remedy


Flame Djinn's Haste Mark of Rodgort Mind Blast Liquid Flame Fire Attunement Weapon of Warding Wielder's Boon Resurrection Signet


Stunning Strike Barbed Spear Disrupting Throw Apply Poison Spear of Lightning Natural Stride Bestial Fury Resurrection Signet


"Coward!" Distracting Blow Shock Dismember Executioner's Strike Frenzy Rush Resurrection Signet


Aura of Displacement Vital Boon Pious Restoration Golden Lotus Strike Mantis Touch Twisting Fangs Golden Phoenix Strike Blades of Steel

[SpNv] (Executioner's or Wild Blow)

Protector's Strike Dismember Battle Rage Purge Signet Agonizing Chop Optional Enraging Charge Resurrection Signet


Warmonger's Weapon Bloodsong Weapon of Warding Wielder's Boon Mend Body and Soul Splinter Weapon Empathic Removal Flesh of My Flesh


Ancestors' Rage Splinter Weapon Wielder's Strike Wielder's Boon Weapon of Warding Destruction Shatter Storm Flesh of My Flesh

[LUST] (didn't see 8th skill, maybe DC Sig of Hum, DK, Power Return or Rez?)

Life Barrier Blessed Signet Ether Signet Holy Veil Mantra of Inscriptions Shielding Hands Aegis Optional


Tainted Flesh Rotting Flesh Power Drain Mirror of Disenchantment Signet of Humility Ether Phantom Drain Delusions Resurrection Signet

[MS Recall Ganker]

Mind Shock Lightning Orb Lightning Bolt Blinding Flash Recall Dash Deadly Paradox Feigned Neutrality


Smoke Trap Flame Trap Barbed Trap Mirage Cloak Dust Trap Natural Stride Trapper's Speed Resurrection Signet

[Oral] (Optional = IAS, IMS? Ran with CA paras and water snares, dunno)

Warrior's Endurance Hammer Bash Crushing Blow Protector's Strike Eremite's Attack Bull's Strike Optional Resurrection Signet

[HAnd] (Optional = AI? Rez, since he spent much time at the stand?)

Illusion of Haste Imagined Burden Clumsiness Conjure Nightmare Shield of Regeneration Dismiss Condition Spirit Bond Optional


Avatar of Dwayna Victorious Sweep Eremite's Attack Imbue Health Distracting Blow Heart of Fury Rush Resurrection Signet


Mind Blast Liquid Flame Immolate Gale Rip Enchantment Rend Enchantments Fire Attunement Resurrection Signet


Weapon of Fury Splinter Weapon Essence Strike Weapon of Warding Bloodsong Mend Body and Soul Pious Haste Wielder's Boon

[vD] (Void Fury)

Auspicious Parry Sprint Sever Artery Gash Final Thrust Healing Signet Shock Resurrection Signet

[some Asian characters]

Skull Crack Mystic Sweep Eremite's Attack 'Fear Me!' 'For Great Justice!' Frenzy Rush Resurrection Signet


Aura of Displacement Blackout Empathy Web of Disruption Shatter Enchantment Drain Enchantment Ether Feast Resurrection Signet


Mantra of Recovery Shame Diversion Power Leak Glyph of Lesser Energy Ward Against Melee Shatter Enchantment Resurrection Signet


Avatar of Melandru Chilling Victory Eremite's Attack Shadow Walk Dash Heart of Fury Guiding Hands Disrupting Dagger

[HAnD] (Attune? Snares?)

Mind Blast Rodgort's Invocation Convert Hexes Liquid Flame Glyph of Immolation Steam Optional Optional


Zealous Benediction Guardian Signet of Pious Restraint Signet of Mystic Speed Pious Restoration Dismiss Condition Reversal of Fortune Holy Veil


Corrupt Enchantment Glyph of Lesser Energy Ward Against Melee Grasping Earth Faintheartedness Defile Defenses Shadow of Fear Resurrection Signet



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